Yesterday I woke up very early as usual. At 7:15a.m. I was at the university standing in a queue for breakfast. I had nothing to do except my assignment on PDP in the morning. At 2:30p.m. I went to PDP classes and we watched “Dead poet’s society”, a film about the novelty that makes people others be against of. Then I and Ainagul hurried to our psychological training. The training was more serious comparing with previous ones for we touched upon an arduous theme of conflict management. All of us were excited and ready to da any activity. Out psychologist Zhanara asked us to be vigilant in dealing with different critical situations. Conflict is an indispensable part of our life. Despite our attitude and wish to avoid disputed cases we are sometimes forced to cope with them in the street, at home and in the shop. It is impossible to protect yourself from shouts, quarrels and cries, but it is possible to resolve the situation in a peaceful way. That is what we are to do in Asian Games. On the training we acted out different situations and possible means of dealing with them. I am a peaceful person, I cannot even pretend to be  quarrelsome. (However, I should admit I am not soooo peaceful when is comes to my rights and personal territory.) We played a game, where two people stand with their backs to each other. The task of the first person is to say rude, bad words addressing to her partner, the task of the second person is the same, but to say only good, kind and warm words. She will make a step with each kind word uttered until she stands near the bad person. I and Aidana were the first pair to act it out. I was a good person, Aidana – bad. So we began. I was saying: “Aidana, you are good, clever. I appreciate your opinions. Each time I pay attention to your thoughts.” But I was receiving a feedback like ” You are bad. Shut up! I don’t want to listen to you.” So did all of us. Later when we shared our feelings about the activity,  the girls said that it was difficult to say bad words against good ones. It is really difficult to be rude when someone is polite to you.

Further on, we were given a paper with different disputed cases. We were to write our responses to them. Some of us wanted to respond on the basis of the first reactions. These are some of the examples I remembered: “You promised to promote me instead of Mr.X. Why did you promote him then?”, “You made a mistake, so I won’t allocate money from the budget to your department”, “I can’t finish the work today”. etc. In addition, we told such situations from our own life. Moldir (volunteer from school#28) told that she broke up with her best friend because of nothing. Now they study in the same class and do not communicate, though they studied in different classes when they were friends. The life!

Do noy try to create conflicts!Avoid them! Conflicts raise problems, antipathy, vengeance. It causes different unpleasant situations. Every case can be solved in a peaceful way. Just think about how! Have more friends and NO enemies!


Today is the third day of my psychological training. As previous two days, it was full of interesting information, activities and games. We shared our thoughts and feelings that overwhelmed us during a day. Everybody was glad to meet each other, especially Aidana (volunteer from school #28). She was glad to see her friends for she missed her classes at school that day. At the same time, Anelya (Aidana’s classmate) was happy Ainagul and me brought Nazarbayev University handbook for them. She is an excellent student, potential owner of “Altyn belgi” medal. She showed a great interest in NU since she found out we studied there. The girls asked a lot of questions that we decided to bring university handbook for they could see and read everything for themselves. Anelya was happy to get a handbook, I was happy to have my promise kept.

So we began our training. The psychologist of the center Zhanara prepped a rather interesting activity “Hills” for us to begin with. Our task was to form hills by different positions of our body, head, hands and feet. There was also a rock-climber, whose task was to overcome all dangerous curves repeating each form of the hills. At first, it seemed to be easy to accomplish the task, but when my turn came to be a rock-climber, I recognized that it only seemed to be easy. However, everything was all right. And the next activity we did was a bit difficult for me in comparison with the first one. I mean difficult from physical point of view. Again we arranged a circle and each member had a pen between a finger of hers and her neighbour’s to connect each other making a circle whole by it. Keeping a circle position, Zhanara asked us to do different movements altogether. On the other hand, we should not let a pen between our fingers fall on the floor. Some of us played at ease, others found some difficulties in controlling a pen from the right and from the left sides as well. Still we accomplished it perfectly, a circle remained whole in the end of the game. There is a curious thing I noticed about the games is that all of them somehow refer to a circle. A circle is a closed sphere with no breaks. A circle, we form during the games, means unity of each member of the group, I concluded for myself.

Further on, we listened to a lecture about the means of protection (contraception). And watched a cartoon “When a girl gets older…” on how a child is formed and developed along with the scientific explanations to the process. I don’t want to write evrything we learnt from the lectures, because it is a field that refers to self-education. And it will be better to self-educate yourself with a person who is well ackowledged in the sphere. 

So, our time passed quickly as usual. We became more closer and dearer to each other. All of us expect something more from the next training. I am sure it will super!

This  and the next years are promised to be successful for Kazakhstan for we have OSCE on December, 1-2, 2010 and we tend to organize and hold the Seventh Asian Winter Games in Astana-Almaty from January, 30 till February, 6, 2010. Both events bear grandiose importance to the country as well to the people who are responsible for it. Realizing this fact and being a patriot of my country I decided to partake in Asian Winter games. With a burden to support my country in such kind of assiduous task I became a volunteer of SWAG in Astana. It is my first time when I participate in world event and surely I feel excited. I hope I will get more experience of working in a world level, find more new friends in Kazakhstan and in foreign countries as well. It makes me feel happy, I anticipate for the beginning of the games. I think that success of this Asian games partially depends upon us – volunteers! Volunteer is an image and the first impression of the country. That’s why we should do our utmost to demonstrate our republic from the good sides. It is due to us how other countries will remember Kazakh people, what their opinion about our ability will be. It is a hard, but at the same time a rewarding job. To my mind, such kind of events are push-ups to the further development and recognition in world economy.

However, finding the right volunteers to represent the status of the republic is a difficult and responsible task. The function of the organization committee is not only to fill the rows of potential and want-to-be volunteers, but to develop them, to prepare them to any unexpected situations and to teach them how to cope with definite barriers during the games. The process of becoming a volunteer requires passing application, psychological training and accreditation processes. All of them are very important and here I would like to share my feelings from the first day of psychological training.

Psychological training is a process of releasing your inner world, a process that helps you to break the walls of mistrust, a process that motivates to believe in your abilities, to show your strengths, to attenuate your weaknesses. My psychological training has begun today. It lasted only for two hours, but the time passed very quick. To tell my truth I didn’t expect anything unusual from it, I accepted it formal, must-to-be meeting. However, it was much better, I dare say super! First of all, we introduced ourselves ( there were only 7 of us) and then we played a rather interesting game called ‘iceberg’. The point of the game is to unite people unfamiliar with each other to reach a common purpose. The rule of the game was to stand unitedly on small pieces of paper and do not let anybody from your ‘friends’ to fell out. Amazing!

Furthermore, iceberg was followed by switching the roles games. We formed pairs and told about ourselves to our partners in a span of five minutes and vice versa listened to them during the next five minutes. Then we told everything that we found out about our friend intending to be that person himself. It was funny to hear your story from the other person. Really funny! After we listened to not less interesting lecture on the theme of reproductive systems and watched a cartoon about the way our organs function. In the end each one shared their feelings about the training and were grateful  to spend to the staff of the center.

On my part, I can say that I am really happy that I enrolled in Asian games as a volunteer. I consider it as a way full of pleasant adventures. Our psychological training will last for five days. And I am looking forward for the next meeting…..