My dear readers, I want to give a full feedback of the presenters, who got my interest and attention during their presentations.
To begin with myself, I can say that after all the comments and feedback I got from my friends and expats, I feel much satisfied. Yes, I felt nervous about it, but who didn’t?! Nevertheless, the end was excellent, and the practice I got was valuable. Right now, I can say I have a practice in public speaking. Thinking about my yesterday’s presentation, I asked myself what I would feel if I was to give that presentation to Toastmasters members. The answer is I will get with it easily. I am thankful to my teacher for my first experience.
So, about the presenters:
The first came a presentation of “LL education”. To be honest, I do have nothing to tell about the speech, because I missed the beginning of the presentation, and the body as well. However, I listened to it when just few hours before the presentation time. It was not so bad.
The second presenter told about “Critical thinking”. I liked Aina’s presentation, exactly, organization of the presentation. It was Aina, whose presentation gave me an idea to add outline of your speech on the slide. I saw a bit embarrassment in Aina’s presentation, but I was glad it didn’t affect her speech so much. What I liked the most about my and Aina’s presentations was that we had our speeches videotaped. So, in the evening we had a lot of fun about our performances.
The third presenter was Aliya, our strict grammar girl. Her title was eye-catching and unusual. How can we play grammar you will think after reading her title. Most of all I remembered a game she used in the very beginning. Immediately, the next day I used that game with my students at school. What is significant about Aliya is whatever she asks or says she does it with strong confidence. For instance, I might doubt asking some questions and think if it isn’t explicit to ask, but not Aliya. It is a good quality. Keep up, Aliya.
The next came out mature teacher Laura. Everybody would agree that Laura has a strong sense of Kazakh woman. I like her myth about bears and hunters, her voice and her attitude to the audience. It even seems to me that she treats her audience as her students sometimes.
The list of the presenters was continued by Botakoz. Her topic was about motivating reading. It is a very good issue to deal in the classroom. I regret our guests don’t know Jon Larsen, otherwise Botakoz could entitle her speech “How to raise Jon Larsen in our students?”. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Bota’s presentation and even wrote down some of the solutions.
Then we had Sunny with her presentations. Her speech proved me again that it is a pleasure to listen to her, her voice is like a lullaby, which makes you not to sleep, but listen and listen to her. When Sunny mentioned MI I saw smile on Josh’s face. He, probably, was glad to have someone use what he told us about few weeks earlier.I found many things I will hopefully use in my classroom and with my weak students (I wish all my students to be strong and smart).
After we listened to Dinara, who told us about listening. All my attention was on her topic, because listening is one of my weak points. I tried to get as much as possible from her presentation. I got much from Dinara’s presentation, but still I had my satisfaction waiting for additional research.
After a short break, we listened to the only man’s presentation among us. Nurbolat was a bit nervous, I could feel it sitting far from him. I liked his ideas about old and new technologies, but sometimes I couldn’t follow his ideas.
Finally, we listened to Anar’s presentation. Anara’s presentation was very smart, she used good aids, that’s why it was interesting to look at the slides and, at the same time, to listen to her speech. Languages, as well as studying abroad are my passions. And I could listen to these topics hours and hours.
Despite our nervousness, we did it well and to our own benefit. All of us made a big step forward in improvement of our presentational skills. Thank you for our teacher for organizing these presentations, and having all the expats invited to our speeches. It is one of the great moments I will always remember about PDP days. As a result of the unity of our intentions we did well.


P.S. Listen to the song “One for all” by Diana Ross.


I was excited to speak in front of the quests. In addition, the majority of the listeners were expats, living in Astana. Knowing this fact, I felt a bit nervous for I didn’t want them to go away unsatisfied.  The first day of spring for me lasted in the following way:

In the morning I had less confidence about my presentation and speech as well. The main reason was unpreparedness to speak along with slides on the screen. To that moment I had only a rough draft of my presentation. Having looked through my speech material, I found my ppt very hard to follow: the outline was not clear, the data was not sufficient enough to support my each idea and I didn’t like my own work. However, adding some changes and showing it to my teacher, I felt perfectly confident, which lasted till the presentation. Right before my speech, I felt nervous, but it vanished after I began speaking. Telling about the feeling after presentation, I cannot not to mention Aliya’s words of excitement. She said that it was very good. Her eyes showed me what she really meant and, of course, I was cheered up. I didn’t expect such evaluation.

However, I was looking forward for the assessment from the expats and NIS teachers (except my groupmates). I had comments from 12 people. Having read all the comments, I have found out very good results. I converted the comments to the chart so that one can judge easily. ( Couldn’t put the data to post).

Looking at the table, it becomes clear that conclusion was my strongest point. However, I need to improve my voice and interest gained. Concerning the first one, I can say that I have such voice from nature and even though I know I should keep my voice exciting, I can hardly do it. I guess, my intelligence that is responsible for acting, changing voice and tone is quite passive. It can be explained by a simple fact: at school if we had acting, I was always a narrator. What I liked the most is that my overall evaluation is, equally, better and best (the last, but one in the chart).

Nevertheless, I have many things to add and change in my final research paper. It seems that after the presentation I had most of the points of my topic cleared and I hope it will help me to end my research article well. As for my presentation, I like it very much and won’t do any changes at all.

Now, when the responsibility for the presentation passed well and, hopefully, I didn’t disappoint my teacher’s expectations I feel a stone off my shoulder. I want to wish good luck and pluck for tomorrow’s presenters.

To do research requires a great deal of investigation from you. Once I read a poster that said “Stealing from one author is plagiarism, stealing from several authors is an investigation”. If you work with several works at a time, in the end you will end up with your own idea, your own thoughts about what you have read and your own conclusion you made after reading. If you have a burden to do research, you won’t notice how the list of the references gets longer and longer. So, you are asked to do research, think carefully before you choose a definite topic. Having found a topic of your interest, try to sum up as many thoughts as possible. The more you read about your topic, the more successful your final paper will be. Only on the basis of a thorough investigation one can give an awesome presentation. Giving a presentation is even harder than doing research. You should explain and show your process of investigation and explain what you get after it. Your thoughts can be mixed as much as you want during research. However, your final research paper should have clear ideas and conclusions. And your presentation should be clearer than your paper. If you are going to give a presentation make it more specific, but not too.

So, your presentation text is ready, but there are many other things you should pay attention to. The next step for you then is show your presentation in a way that will play ti your profit. You can do public speaking using ppt presentations, pictures, short video clips or different handouts. Also you can use board to draw what you are speaking about on.

Having prepared all the necessary data about your investigation and getting ready with your type of presentation, you should work a little bit with yourself. Yes, you heard right – with yourself! Among lots of fears glossophobia – the fear of public speaking – takes the first place. It means that thousands of people are scared to speak in front of the audience. Actually, they are not afraid of the audience, they are afraid of themselves. People, who are about to give a presentation, feel fear, because they doubt confidence about their words, body language. If you know there are dozens of “what ifs” that cause nervousness inside, which appears outside a second later.What if I forget my words? What if I lose control upon my voice? What if I am asked a difficult question? What if a computer won’t work? … If I don’t stop here, I will have my post to contain only what ifs. The length of the list depends upon the nervousness of a presenter. The more worried he is, the longer his list is.

What is interesting all these fears are the results of our false imagination. Sometimes false imagination helps a person so much. Imagine that you missed something important, and don’t know what kind of punishment you will get from the boss. In mind, you have already dismissed yourself, deprived your bonuses and so on and so forth. So, guilty and ashamed, you come to the office, and your boss asks you why you was absent. You offer excuses, try to explain away, but the boss doesn’t listen to you and simply says ‘ok’ with no reproach. And now compare what you thought during the way to the office and after this conversation.

However, only this kind of false imagination plays to your profit ( in the worst case, you will be made a remark), but if you think What if I forget my words? What if I lose control upon my voice? What if I am asked a difficult question? What if a computer won’t work? …, you, without noticing it, kill your confidence. And in the end, you will end up the way you thought and perhaps even worse.

Disarm your possible fears in advance: prepare remind-cards if you think you will forget the words; learn to control your thoughts, if you are afraid of making your voice tremble; you investigated this topic and you know more about it than your audience, so don’t be afraid of difficult questions; check your computer beforehand, so nothing would go wrong with it during your presentation.

That’s why you should learn to control your  feelings. Try to do the things you are afraid of. Learn to defend yourself from fear, learn to attack the fear!

When I heard about Toastmasters for the first time, I hadn’t thought too much about it. There are many people, who have heard about it, but very few, who really know what it is. And untill today I was among the latter ones. I am happy our PDP teacher invited special guests to our classes so we could ask questions and find out more about Toastmasters. Toastmasters international is a worldwide organization that helps people to do public speaking on the highest level. There are a lot of people, who do not know how to communicate, how to speak in front of a wide audience. Toastmasters work with different companies, executives, managers and they help them to do their speaking better. Toastmasters motivate people for easy public speaking and help them to overcome their shyness, nervousness, embarrassment and whatever occurs once a person is in front of a large audience. It encourages and teaches people to work one in one and in small groups, to give presentations. We know, most of our success depends upon our communication ability. Those, who have great communicative skills are great leaders. And that’s absolutely true.

Toastmasters is a realty that makes effective communication possible. It is a way of learning to speak accurately through mistakes of your own. It is a whole procedure involving your first incompetent speech and wonderful presentations that these incompetent speeches will lead you to.

Today we found out many information on how Toastmasters functions, and how develops in Kazakhstan. Toastmasters gives explanations on public speaking. It holds different kinds of speeches on any topic. And it really pushes you to self-improvement. There are no evaluation guide for members give assessments to each other independently. Toastmasters, functioning in Astana, is one and new part of this whole system. Organized twice a week and lasting for two hours, it gives much of itself to the speakers. It doesn’t leave you with personal problems to deal alone, it tries to turn your weak point to the strongest one.

Usual Toastmaster day begins with quests introduction and tips of the day. It is not a time to spend sleeping in behind rows, it is a time to listen to several speakers speech in a span of 5-7 minutes each. In the end of every performance speakers are evaluated according to the following criteria: time, grammar and time-wasting sounds like aaa, mm, eeeh, etc. Consulting a.m. criteria general evaluator comments on the speech. After that other members of the club can hand in their cards with comments, likes and dislikes, suggestions. I think, it is a hard process to go through, but necessary one, if one desires to impress someone just in a few words.

It was a pleasure to watch a video of a successful businessman once to come to Toastmasters for the first time and witness the feelings he went through that time. He was not confident and not even sure about his communication abilities. He had a fear to speak in front of the members of the club. I liked the first brave step he made to deal with his uncertainty and successfully coped with it. To the task to convince someone with a story ( doesn’t matter true or false one), he did the best to get everything believe in his quick-made up imaginative story. I cannot deny it was a successful step for a freshman.

What I liked about Toastmasters is that it deals with your public speaking weaknesses openly. Attempt to hide your fear and shyness will cause many difficulties on the way of becoming a real SPEAKER. Unless you learn to confess your weak points, you won’t be a strong speaker.

Do you feel shy having tens of eyes staring at you? Then get over it having these feelings to disappear with every visit to Toastmasters. Don’t lose your time, don’t wait untill you need communication skills, go for it right now. And one day you will speak to the world!