The opening ceremony of the Seventh Asian Winter Games struck all people in the stadium and behind the TV screens as well. Nobody expected to have such kind of grand show in the land of nomadic people. 30 000 spectators and millions of other viewers were struck by the scenes prepared for the program of the opening ceremony. Three hour show was decorated by many scenes from the life of Kazakh people beginning from early ancient Turk tribes,  Saks, Golden Man up to present day. The whole show was an introduction and review to the historical pages of the country. The whole program was aimed to present general overview of the country that grew from steppes into developing and civilized country – The Republic of Kazakhstan. I hope all Kazakh people felt pride for it was a ceremony that showed the power of our country. As one of our foreign spectators noticed ” The show was very artistic”. Yes, during the time the scene changed so many times.

The symbol of Asian Games appeared from the sky gates above the stage area.

Under the “marsh” of the representatives of ancient tribes began the colorful ceremony of opening.

During the show the scene turned into endless ocean:


After the dance of Sak tribes on the stage “Golden Man” – a monument of a man in golden clothes with golden armor found in the territories of Kazakhstan.

The sun and the moon, as well as the sand clock that gave start to the opening ceremony, define the power of time. The time spent to get independence and respect of other countries of the world.

Along with colorful artistic elements the show was remarkable by the actors of home and foreign countries. Famous Kazakh singers Rosa Rymbaeva and Batyrkhan Shukenov performed the anthem of the Asian Games. Also the people could see famous Kazakh singer Talgar Musabaev, Nurzhamal Usenbaeva, well-known opera singers as Lara Fabian and Tui Djok.

The President of Kazakhstan congratulated our country with the achievement to held Asian Winter Games in Kazakhstan, motivated our sportsmen to do their utmost and declared the winter games open. After President’s speech the flag of OCA appeared near the flag of our country.

27 Asian countries will take part in the Seventh Asian Winter Games 2011 in Astana and Almaty.

Nearly one thousand sportsmen will compete in eleven types of winter sports. Among them 164 sportsmen are from Kazakhstan. Our country presented the large number of participants in the games.

Kazakhstan aims to win the winter games. That’s why “Go forward, Kazakhstan!”

However, Chinese delegation also hopes to get the tradition kept. It is the second country with the largest number of sportsmen-participants.

Lets hope to the fair competition, and time will show the winner. The unity of purpose is the unity of spirit. Go forward, Kazakhstan! We are with you!


Kazakhstan is the host country of the Seventh Asian Winter Games in Astana. The official opening ceremony of the Asian Games took place in Astana – the capital city of Kazakhstan. The show promised to be exciting and it really was. 30 000 people, who came to see the opening ceremony of the winter games didn’t expect to have such kind of a show. The ceremony was really SUCCESS.

The scene was fire-red in the very beginning. The cloud circle in the middle of the scene dropped as if it had fallen and got broken. It was a part of a great show.

The great firework gave start to the opening ceremony. Below you can see people in golden clothes – interpretation of Animal Style from our history.

Above you can see a.m. cloud circle in the air falling, the scene that get people more excited about the show.

The color of stage changed to the scene prepared. The small lights behind are done by the power of thousands of people.

The Asian sand clock gave start to the beginning of the ceremony.

The sparkling horse decorated the sky of the ceremony.

Taikazan (traditional Kazakh bowl). Kazakh people prepared food for large number of people in a special bowl called Taikazan.

To be continued… Follow the posts.

After the weekend spent with my uncle’s family I am sitting there to share with you all the events happened with me within the two days. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have day-off this weekend.  Because they were the working days due to the summit of OSCE. Some of the summit members are coming already and our Nazarbayev University students have a chance to meet with some f them.

I am glad our Kazakhstan is moving rapidly to the global market economy. The first reason is OSCE summit. It is a great privilege to hold world important event here in our mother country. I am proud that our republic is the first to organize such kind of important summit among post soviet countries. Another reason is the Seventh Asian Winter Games. These two events are burgeoning factors to the development of the country. As a volunteer of the Asian winter games in Astana I can say that these winter games will be eye-catching headlines of many Mass Media resources. Even creating a unique TV channel to broadcast the duration of the games is in perspective. After we had classes with our PDP teacher I and Ainagul hurried to the Organization Committee. We were informed to be leader-volunteers. The day before we also had a meeting there and Inessa, organizer of the Asian Games, told us that we would have special clothes with Asian logo. I was glad! Not because we will have clothes, but rather we will present our country in Asiada with dignity. All in all, I am grateful to Bakhyt, who helped us to become volunteers. If we didn’t meet her in the train, we would never be there. All the tickets for Asiada are being sold quickly, because the opening day is already defined: it is January, 30 at 18:00 at Astana Arena Stadium.

 The another news I want to share with you is Volunteer Commencement Day. It will be in December, 9 in Sport Complex “Daulet” at 17:00. The certificates of psychological training and our volunteer IDs will handed in our hands. And only after the commencement we can say we are volunteers of Asian Games in Astana. By the way, it will be my third commencement day. ( I hope I will have the fourth that I am solicitous of as well).

There are so many things about organizing Asian winter games in Astana, and there are so many memorable events awaiting our people. As a secret(formally), I hurry to acknowledge you that there will be built Ice Town in Astana due to the program of  “Cultural Asiada” in the RK. The Ice Town will be a representation of Kazakh culture and traditions and the place where Asian Winter Games Torch will be placed in a period of games. As the official website of the Seventh Asian Winter Games states “On the 11th of January in Al-Kuwait, where the headquarters of OCA is situated, during the solemn lighting ceremony the Flame of our Relay will be lit. It is planned to organize broadcasting of the lighting ceremony of the flame on all national channels. On the 12th of January, the Torch will come to Almaty, Kazakhstan. After the welcoming ceremony of the Torch, Relay will go along streets of the South capital, and then the regions. During 20 days the Torch will travel throughout all regions of Kazakhstan and on the 30th of January, it will finish in Astana at the “Astana-Arena” stadium at the opening ceremony of the Asian games.” So the people of capital city as well as the tourists coming especially for the winter games can see the torch in the center of the city in a span of 7 days.

Our country did its utmost on the sixteenth Asian summer games in Guangzhou and took the fifth place. A good result! I hope we will improve our results in Winter Games! It is expected that opening ceremony of Asiada 2011 in Kazakhstan will be much better than any other world events. Nevertheless, the time will show. Only 61 days are left untill the Seventh Asian Winter Games 2011 in Astana-Almaty.