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As you know, people all over the world celebrated International Children Day yesterday. We did the same. Kazakhstan with the support of UNICEF organized Children film festival in Astana. The festival aimed to draw people’s attention to the children all over the world and different situations they are in. Children film festival in Astana takes place in Saryarka Shopping and Entertainment Center. It will last for five days and started on the first of June. The first day of the film festival started with the film “All the invisible children”, that consisted of several short films such as:

  • Tanza, by Mehdi Charef (Burkina Faso) tells the story of a child soldier in Africa who dreams of living a normal life and attending school.
  • Blue Gypsy, by Emir Kusturica (Serbia & Montenegro) pictures a gypsy boy in his last day in a juvenile prison in Serbia-Montenegro without any other perspective but returning to prison.
  • Jesus Children of America, by Spike Lee (USA) shows a HIV positive Brooklyn teenager called Blanca, daughter of junkies’ parents with Aids and the cruelty of her schoolmates in school.
  • João and Bilú, by Kátia Lund (Brazil) tells the story of two children who fight to survive working on the streets.
  • Ciro, by Stefano Veneruso (Italy) tells the story of a young boy in Naples who pickpockets to spend money on entertainment.
  • Song Song and Little Cat, by John Woo (China) shows a tale of fantasy, with a homeless orphan and a spoiled wealthy girl.

(For further information follow the link Film Festival in Astana)
Each of those films showed children and their situations from different perspectives. However, combined all of them managed to make people understand that children need our attention and care every time and everywhere. Perhaps, people felt it for majority, who came to watch the film, didn’t want to leave the cinema even when there were no places and they didn’t. I guess, they enjoyed the first day of the children film festival despite discomfort they were forced to deal. (The film festival is free of charge and people were ready to watch it even sitting on the stairs.)

Personally, I was glad to see so many viewers in the hall for it means that there are people, who are not indifferent to the children destiny. Of course, I want to believe that those people didn’t come just to watch a film for free and spend their usual evening with “something not boring”.

The films were so real that I felt compassion to those children. Their life and their destiny was so cruel and it became even worse when the life faced them with the loss of a closer person, fatal disease, coerced act of carrying weapons and shooting, and eking out a living by gathering cans and metals all day long. Doing all these things children are deprived from the childhood. They cannot play outside, they cannot go to school, they cannot feel themselves safe . . .

Sometimes, looking at children playing, I miss my childhood. However, I feel pity for them at the same time.In our childhood our friends were not online, they were outdoors, in the yard. We didn’t call our friends to play by mobile phones, we shouted under their windows calling them for game. We didn’t play computer games all day long, but such games as hide-and-seek and etc. Comparatively, our childhood was real. Still adults can make childhood of their children bright, enjoyable and memorable.


It is strange to watch the way your life changes. Sometimes, we dream about one thing, but instead have totally another one. However, sometimes, it goes vice versa. Don’t understand me wrong, but the changes in our life occur constantly and every day. There are small ones and hardly people notice them, especially in the rush of modern life. If the life wants, it  can and changes your way of being absolutely in another direction.

Having graduated from Pedagogical Institute in West of Kazakhstan, I thought about the ways of finding a really good job with future career perspectives. At the same time, I applied for one-year program, having no idea if I would be admitted or not. Telling the truth, I didn’t make so much about that program, but strongly wished to be admitted. And now, I have already completed that one-year program and going to have a good job. That is the direction I went being admitted to that program. As a matter of fact, that exact program gave a chance to come to the capital city and live and work there.

Having all these things happened in a year, I can hardly imagine the way my life looked being NOT admitted to that program. Certainly, being not sure of the success of my application, I worked on finding a job, at the same time. Actually, it was not so difficult for me to find a job. I am a teacher. However, that time I didn’t want to work at school.

Thanks to God, but my life in the capital city is full of many memorable things. Still one can feel the difference between the places, if one has lived there for a while. Now I can feel this difference. You have more perspectives in a big city. First, it seems unusual to you, but by and by you get used to it and began feeling yourself comfortable.

Looking back, I see that I am going up the ladder of prosperity and development. How is it strange, but all these changes are somehow connected with the places I live. At first, I lived in the village,  moved to the town, then to the capital city. my friends often hear me saying “I have found my place in Kazakhstan, and now I should find my place in Astana.” However, I still dream to go abroad and live there for a while.

Here I want to mention that the life of a person depends upon his/her ambitions. It is ambition that defines his path of life. Indeed, people say “If there is a will,there is a way out.”

I just remembered, a few days ago a mature friend of mine told me that I was in a rush to reach my goals. She advised me to slow down and let the things go by themselves. She might be right, but the fact is that I cannot let some things pass by. The life is given us to feel it. I can feel it only, when I do something that is mine. Mine inside. I admit that there are many people, who agree and disagree with me. Everything is up to a person. And should be! Whatever you do and say, it is important to have your own profile. Cause it is your life, right?

Today we watched “Devchata” (“The girls”) with a group of girls. “Devchata” is a Soviet comedy. All the same, my father is right. He says that how many you watch Soviet films, especially comedies, so much you laugh. He says that the majority of today’s comedies is one-day-effect comedy. Very likely, I agree with my father.

Having watched “Devchata”, I understood it again. In addition, remember famous Shurik series, “The brilliant hand”, “12 chairs”, etc. All of them are full of quality fun.

The film is about Tosya and her roommates, that’s why it is called so. You can watch love stories of all girls, and Tosya’s that is more detailed.

A young girl joins a brigade and moves to the dorm. She has just graduated Cooking specialized college and is supposed to work as a cook. She is very positive, nimble and outgoing. The picture shows the episode when she has just moved to the room and is going to refresh her inner man with bread and jam.

An interesting thing about it is the food is not hers. She has four roommates, but they are not at home to ask their permission. Such a girl is Tosya.The picture on the right shows her roommates.

Here is Tosya at work. Behind you can see a young man (Iliya), number one worker in the brigade. The day, when Tosya joined them, they had a dance evening. That was the first place they met each other. While other girls were fond of Iliya so much, Tosya stayed indifferent to everything he did. She even showed a strong character to his actions in front of the other people. Knocked all of a heap, Iliya was forced to accept a dispute of a man from the brigade (Filya). He had one week to change her attitude to him. Everything went well, they even felt in love with each other until …

One day Tosya found that everything was about dispute. In hatred, she exposed both of them, Iliya and Filya. She congratulated Iliya with victory for she had totally changed her attitude to her (she felt in love with him) and asked Filya to keep his promise and give him a cap they disputed in case of Iliya’s victory.

After came dramatic episodes, because a game burned a flame in Iliya’s heart. Their attitude to each other was mutual, they both loved each other. However, Tosya won’t forgive him. He presented a golden watch, asked to forgive many times, followed her at work. In vain! Tosya was firm in her decision. It lasted until Filya made them friends again. The man, who “helped” them to fall in love – later destroyed their relations – helped make them friends again in the end.

So, happy and happy, they are together again. Watch it and you will have a lot of fun and pleasure. You will see the life in Soviet time and way people have changes since that time.

At least, I am on holidays! I am happy to have three weeks of leeway so that I can enjoy my time of doing nothing and nothing. As a matter of fact, doing nothing for me means doing something, but not in a harsh. Actually, I have a project to think of, some VIDs (very important documents) to analyze and many others things to do. Having three weeks, I decided to reflect on every change that happened to me in a span of last 7-8 months. It is clear that everything is taking another direction in my life and I am feeling it now more than I have ever felt. Perhaps, that is the reason I am feeling myself like a guest even at home. I was absent for nearly a year, in addition, there are four years of city life. All these short periods off the village made their contributions to the changes in all. Not only me, but everbody is noticing it. I might have got too used to city life. But nevertheless, I am happy to be at home again.

Being there for three days, everything I have is guests to come or guest myself. I hope, these holidays will, somehow, help me to forget everything connected with study, job and work, job and work.

Getting too used to the University food, still cannot switch to cooking for myself. My parents are happy to have me at home and that’s why say nothing about it, but my relatives say that I became too lazy. I do not deny, it is true.)

Recently, decided to go to the cinema to watch a movie in English called Hitch, instead I had another hitch, a real one.

Recently, Revision Park informed that it was going to run cinema evenings, which would show movies in English (that is quite new even for Astana). Surveying a definite amount of people with the help of inline questionnaire, they decided to show “Hitch”, starring Will Smith. So, to let the other people know about the existence of Movie evenings in English, they put the necessary information on the website.

In addition, the newsletter was put on facebook so that everybody would be informed and, hopefully, would inform other people too. So, having found out about the event quite before and received a message on facebook, I decided to go there and enjoy watching. Why not? Moreover, I invited a friend of mine to go with. He is a foreigner and I thought he might enjoy watching a movie in English. Of course, I told him that it was free. I thought, it was free (I did pay no attention to the little P.S. note after the letter). So, leaving the work incomplete for tomorrow, we went to the cinema.

I, somehow, didn’t manage time correctly, so we were late for the movie. (The usual thing that happens to me: even though I know that I am going to be late, I do not hurry or cannot hurry.) In addition, we found out that we need to buy a club card to enter.  The little P.S. note I missed paying attention to. The club card costs 5000 tenge for four visits or for four people for one visit. Imagine the situation of a person, who have come for free movie.)) (Now I hope I will have a club card for the next movie.) That was a hitch I had in order to watch “Hitch”.

Nevertheless, laughing to our situation, we went to another movie, though in Russian. A guest, I invited, knows Russian well, so we decided it would be a good practice for language.

The moral: if you go somewhere for the first time, try to be clued up.

I think, it is a good idea to show movies in English and hope, there will be more and more people interested in going there. Especially, those, whose daily life is closely connected with English. If you live in Astana and are also interested in watching movies in English, follow the link and find the necessary information. But, don’t forget to pat attention to P.S.)

There was a nice exhibition in the Palace Peace and Concord in Astana on March,  31. Amazing three painters had a chance to show their masterpieces to the wider audience.

The exhibition was organized by Contemporary Art Center “Kulanshi” and presented the pictures and photos of three American painters. They are Emily Mihalik, Yongi Chung and Sara Gail Burgess. Each painter has unique style of painting different from each other.

Above you can see a picture by Emily in the background. It was done in abstraction style and is called “Winter Birds”.

The picture is called Astana at night. It is abstraction, there are people, who understand it, there are, who don’t. For me this picture is the most meaningful, it is Astana.

This is the hall, where works by Sara Burgess were presented. The photos show Kazakhstan and reflect a part of Kazakhstan, where I was born and spent my childhood.

This is only a little part of what was presented in the exhibition. For more information about exhibitions, search for Contemporary Art Center :KUlanshi”.

Perhaps, one of the most important days for each person is a birthday. Yesterday I became older for a year. A feeling of happiness overwhelmed me. Though the whole day I couldn’t answer to the phone calls for I was in my critical thinking classes. However, when the classes were over, there was no silence to the phone. It is my first year in Astana and most of my friends are either in Aktobe or in my native village. Struggling with getting to the dorm with my hands full, I somehow managed to speak with my friends as well. It was so nice to hear so many wishes and blessing to my address. Fortunately, I was not alone.

Having bought everything necessary for a small birthday party, I tried to have a rest a bit so I won’t look tired on the party. I was a bit tired for I had classes from morning till the evening.

Telling the truth, I didn’t expect so many people to come and congratulate me. It was pleasing. Most of them, of course, were my students from the dorm, exactly from my floor. We had a small tea party and played a game. Especially, I am grateful to my students and friends, who helped me to make that evening special. Thanks to my quest from Great Britain, who also was there and had fun with all of us. We played a game, joked, told about university life, took photos. In other words, I didn’t expect it to be so memorable. What I like most is that my students treat me as a friend, at the same time, do not forget I am their supervisor.

One year is left behind. I am growing. We sometimes say (jokingly) that till 25 a person is still growing, but after he is getting older.

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