My name is Botagoz.I am from Kazakhstan,Astana. And my name is a combination of two meaningful kazakh words “Bota” and “Koz”. It means “the eye of camel’s baby”. Kazakh people is a nomadic nation and many of our words reverberate our centuries-old history. When I was born, my mom says, my eyes were just like the eyes of new-born camel”s baby’s ones. Deep brown, shining and beautiful. So they called me Botagoz. Bota or Botakan are the ways my friends usually call me.

My full name is Dabylova Botagoz. I was born in Aiteke bi, Akobe oblast. I studied at Aktobe State Pedagogical Institute. Right now I study in Nazarbayev University by Professional Development Program.

My parents are simple people. They live in the village I was born. I have two brothers, my elder brother studies at the college, my little brother is a schoolboy. My family is the most dearest, the most precious thing for me! I LOVE my family! My family is my pride!


6 Responses to “Me about”

  1. Айжан Says:

    Hello, Bota! I like your posts, your writing style! very proud that we have girls like you. I want to ask you about your University, I think there very interesting, do you like it?

    1. Hi, Aizhan. I am glad you visited the blog of a beginner like me. Concerning your question, I love my University. If you want to be clued up with events happening there feel free to ask what you want. My gratitude to you for your blog on the kazakh language.

  2. Abay Otar Says:

    Осы бетіңнен тайма Ботакөз

    1. Thank you, would be better to write G instead of K in my name. So simple, but also important!

      1. Abay Otar Says:

        So, Nice job BOTAGOZ, as you say, 😉

  3. Hi Bota, what about your future plans? how far would you like to go?
    What long term plans do you have for the next five/ ten years?
    I am impressed by the simplicity of showing the meaning of your name, I really like it, cheers

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