A few days ago I had my oral report of practice at school.

Everything has changed along with the rapidness of the development and changes occurring in a country and society, drastically, changed teaching approach at schools. Students and teachers as well. There were many things to do during the practice:  sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed. When I failed, I tried to learn from my mistakes. But all in all, I made a huge advance toward maturity.

The most important moment for me was getting acquainted with the school and students and teachers. I learned many things, but everything we accomplished together with the students. What could I do alone? Of course, nothing. We learned a lot, we created, sang, danced, organized show programs, watched movies and developed. Also we slept in the lessons, we drank tea, played croquet and talked with Cheshire cat, but those happened in Alice’s  Land of Mystery.

School life taught me to construct lessons correctly, to realize all difficulties of teaching, difficulties of working with students of different age groups. It was a pleasure to experience something new every day.

However, there were moments when I faced definite difficulties in working with the students. Especially, during rotational lessons. When you come to a new class and begin teaching them, you will notice some students, who are too active and even noisy. I had the same difficulty while teaching the eighth grade. I never used to work with that grade before and that’s why I didn’t know how to work with then individually. It is always necessary to have a special approach to every student. At the same time, a teacher must be able to control the discipline in the classroom, regardless the students group age.

However, practice gave me a lot. These four months spent at school effectively influenced to my professional growth and development. It was a good experience, at the same time.