I like role playing, but when I studied at school I used to take neutral roles, which required less emotions, actions and so on. Every time I used to be an author, who read passages between episodes. However, now I am not against for some theatrical performance. Most of all, I like to watch my students acting. Especially, if it goes in English.

Why am I telling you this? The matter is today we role played Alice in Wonderland with the ninth grade students. It was not so bad for the first time. As I was told it was their first experience when they role played episodes from literature work. That’s why they were glad when I offered them to act Alice out. At the beginning I thought that they won’t like it for they always act something in the classroom. On the contrary, they were tired of everyday situation role playing and wanted to perform something serious.

I just suggested to role play Alice in Wonderland because they watched the movie by Tim Burton in the lesson. In addition, it is one of many books worth reading it. I was glad to find that students knew the difference between book version and movie one. Telling the truth, when I was in the ninth grade, I did know nothing about the English literature. But since that time many things have changed totally. Along with the development of the country and society as well, old things are replaced by new and innovative ones. Regarding the case of teaching, we can say the same. Now old methods, programs of teaching and books are replaced by modern ones. Even the requirements for teachers are quite different in comparison of those, which were important some decades ago.

Role playing was good. Students showed three episodes from Alice in Wonderland. The first episode shows Alice and her sister during History book reading. The second one shows Alice, who somehow appears in Wonderland and finds herself in a company of Mad Hatter and White Rabbit. As you know, they celebrate their Unbirthdays. “Merry unbirthday!” as they say to each other. Then she meets with Cheshire cat and seeks way to get home, instead finds herself in the Kingdom of Queen. The last episode shows the meeting with Queen and playing croquet.

Personally, I liked their acting. Of course, there were some mistakes. But I think, by and by, they will improve their acting. We didn’t prepare any costumes, but decided to make emphasis on the faces of the characters so that people would recognize who was who. When I asked students what they liked or perhaps disliked in own performance, they said that understood that there were moments when they forgot their words and were forced to improvise. Also, they wanted to role play more and more stories. My supervisor was glad. They also wished to show their performance for a wider audience. Unlike me, they are not afraid to act at all. It seems not me and my supervisor, but students liked role playing most. I think, role playing is a good way to learn story better and remember it.

So, I advise if you want to remember a story just role play it. It will work!