Today we watched “Devchata” (“The girls”) with a group of girls. “Devchata” is a Soviet comedy. All the same, my father is right. He says that how many you watch Soviet films, especially comedies, so much you laugh. He says that the majority of today’s comedies is one-day-effect comedy. Very likely, I agree with my father.

Having watched “Devchata”, I understood it again. In addition, remember famous Shurik series, “The brilliant hand”, “12 chairs”, etc. All of them are full of quality fun.

The film is about Tosya and her roommates, that’s why it is called so. You can watch love stories of all girls, and Tosya’s that is more detailed.

A young girl joins a brigade and moves to the dorm. She has just graduated Cooking specialized college and is supposed to work as a cook. She is very positive, nimble and outgoing. The picture shows the episode when she has just moved to the room and is going to refresh her inner man with bread and jam.

An interesting thing about it is the food is not hers. She has four roommates, but they are not at home to ask their permission. Such a girl is Tosya.The picture on the right shows her roommates.

Here is Tosya at work. Behind you can see a young man (Iliya), number one worker in the brigade. The day, when Tosya joined them, they had a dance evening. That was the first place they met each other. While other girls were fond of Iliya so much, Tosya stayed indifferent to everything he did. She even showed a strong character to his actions in front of the other people. Knocked all of a heap, Iliya was forced to accept a dispute of a man from the brigade (Filya). He had one week to change her attitude to him. Everything went well, they even felt in love with each other until …

One day Tosya found that everything was about dispute. In hatred, she exposed both of them, Iliya and Filya. She congratulated Iliya with victory for she had totally changed her attitude to her (she felt in love with him) and asked Filya to keep his promise and give him a cap they disputed in case of Iliya’s victory.

After came dramatic episodes, because a game burned a flame in Iliya’s heart. Their attitude to each other was mutual, they both loved each other. However, Tosya won’t forgive him. He presented a golden watch, asked to forgive many times, followed her at work. In vain! Tosya was firm in her decision. It lasted until Filya made them friends again. The man, who “helped” them to fall in love – later destroyed their relations – helped make them friends again in the end.

So, happy and happy, they are together again. Watch it and you will have a lot of fun and pleasure. You will see the life in Soviet time and way people have changes since that time.