At least, I am on holidays! I am happy to have three weeks of leeway so that I can enjoy my time of doing nothing and nothing. As a matter of fact, doing nothing for me means doing something, but not in a harsh. Actually, I have a project to think of, some VIDs (very important documents) to analyze and many others things to do. Having three weeks, I decided to reflect on every change that happened to me in a span of last 7-8 months. It is clear that everything is taking another direction in my life and I am feeling it now more than I have ever felt. Perhaps, that is the reason I am feeling myself like a guest even at home. I was absent for nearly a year, in addition, there are four years of city life. All these short periods off the village made their contributions to the changes in all. Not only me, but everbody is noticing it. I might have got too used to city life. But nevertheless, I am happy to be at home again.

Being there for three days, everything I have is guests to come or guest myself. I hope, these holidays will, somehow, help me to forget everything connected with study, job and work, job and work.

Getting too used to the University food, still cannot switch to cooking for myself. My parents are happy to have me at home and that’s why say nothing about it, but my relatives say that I became too lazy. I do not deny, it is true.)