Recently, decided to go to the cinema to watch a movie in English called Hitch, instead I had another hitch, a real one.

Recently, Revision Park informed that it was going to run cinema evenings, which would show movies in English (that is quite new even for Astana). Surveying a definite amount of people with the help of inline questionnaire, they decided to show “Hitch”, starring Will Smith. So, to let the other people know about the existence of Movie evenings in English, they put the necessary information on the website.

In addition, the newsletter was put on facebook so that everybody would be informed and, hopefully, would inform other people too. So, having found out about the event quite before and received a message on facebook, I decided to go there and enjoy watching. Why not? Moreover, I invited a friend of mine to go with. He is a foreigner and I thought he might enjoy watching a movie in English. Of course, I told him that it was free. I thought, it was free (I did pay no attention to the little P.S. note after the letter). So, leaving the work incomplete for tomorrow, we went to the cinema.

I, somehow, didn’t manage time correctly, so we were late for the movie. (The usual thing that happens to me: even though I know that I am going to be late, I do not hurry or cannot hurry.) In addition, we found out that we need to buy a club card to enter.  The little P.S. note I missed paying attention to. The club card costs 5000 tenge for four visits or for four people for one visit. Imagine the situation of a person, who have come for free movie.)) (Now I hope I will have a club card for the next movie.) That was a hitch I had in order to watch “Hitch”.

Nevertheless, laughing to our situation, we went to another movie, though in Russian. A guest, I invited, knows Russian well, so we decided it would be a good practice for language.

The moral: if you go somewhere for the first time, try to be clued up.

I think, it is a good idea to show movies in English and hope, there will be more and more people interested in going there. Especially, those, whose daily life is closely connected with English. If you live in Astana and are also interested in watching movies in English, follow the link and find the necessary information. But, don’t forget to pat attention to P.S.)