There was a nice exhibition in the Palace Peace and Concord in Astana on March,  31. Amazing three painters had a chance to show their masterpieces to the wider audience.

The exhibition was organized by Contemporary Art Center “Kulanshi” and presented the pictures and photos of three American painters. They are Emily Mihalik, Yongi Chung and Sara Gail Burgess. Each painter has unique style of painting different from each other.

Above you can see a picture by Emily in the background. It was done in abstraction style and is called “Winter Birds”.

The picture is called Astana at night. It is abstraction, there are people, who understand it, there are, who don’t. For me this picture is the most meaningful, it is Astana.

This is the hall, where works by Sara Burgess were presented. The photos show Kazakhstan and reflect a part of Kazakhstan, where I was born and spent my childhood.

This is only a little part of what was presented in the exhibition. For more information about exhibitions, search for Contemporary Art Center :KUlanshi”.