After today’s day activity I realized, how many teachers – so many lesson plans. Our main activity and task today was all with lesson plans. a Lesson plan sometimes becomes difficult for me to deal. Perhaps, that’s why the time passed so quickly. Being a teacher requires development and development. It is even impossible to know everything about teaching learning. I learned so many things from today’s activities, but the main thing that I have found out a guide to plan your lessons in a better way. A day before we were asked to bring one lesson plan that we practiced with our students. First, we analyzed our plans, commenting on each, offering suggestions. After a pair work discussion we were given deconstruction questions. It is a set of questions, which helps to reflect on your last lesson so that a teacher can find some mistakes and try not to make them again. All questions are helpful for they help to find an exact answer to the questions.These questions include:

How did it fit into the program?

What were the lesson objectives?

What activities did learners do?

What were the links to the previous lesson?

Was there differentiation?

How was assessment included?

Was there a plenary?

How did it promote independent learning?

As you work with deconstruction questions you can move and work with reconstruction questions for better lesson planning.By the way, for better understanding, I want to clarify the meaning of plenary. Plenary is the last ten minutes of the lesson students reflect on and remember. I think, the above mentioned questions will be helpful to the teachers, who still cannot find whether they do mistakes in planning the lesson. Moreover, the reconstruction questions makes your planning even better. It gives the answer to how you might reconstruct the lesson. It requires considering learning objectives, learner’s needs, activities, skills, resources, previous and extended learning. I am sure after working with these questions, all teachers will notice changes (improvements) in lesson planning.

I did. I have found out these questions helpful for I learned how to plan your lesson correctly with the possibility to evaluate your previous job. It is useful to analyze your lesson so that it could be more successful the next time. Looking at my two lesson plans: the one I brought with me to the lesson and the second one that I reconstructed following deconstruction/reconstruction activities. Though I thought the previous one was one of my good lesson plans, it looked like a draft in comparison with a new one. Mostly, I liked sharing ideas about planning with the other teachers. It was interesting to listen what mature and more experienced have to say about your particular lesson plan. The more people you ask, the more effectively you learn. Sharing what I learned with you, I hope you will learn something new for you too.