Perhaps, one of the most important days for each person is a birthday. Yesterday I became older for a year. A feeling of happiness overwhelmed me. Though the whole day I couldn’t answer to the phone calls for I was in my critical thinking classes. However, when the classes were over, there was no silence to the phone. It is my first year in Astana and most of my friends are either in Aktobe or in my native village. Struggling with getting to the dorm with my hands full, I somehow managed to speak with my friends as well. It was so nice to hear so many wishes and blessing to my address. Fortunately, I was not alone.

Having bought everything necessary for a small birthday party, I tried to have a rest a bit so I won’t look tired on the party. I was a bit tired for I had classes from morning till the evening.

Telling the truth, I didn’t expect so many people to come and congratulate me. It was pleasing. Most of them, of course, were my students from the dorm, exactly from my floor. We had a small tea party and played a game. Especially, I am grateful to my students and friends, who helped me to make that evening special. Thanks to my quest from Great Britain, who also was there and had fun with all of us. We played a game, joked, told about university life, took photos. In other words, I didn’t expect it to be so memorable. What I like most is that my students treat me as a friend, at the same time, do not forget I am their supervisor.

One year is left behind. I am growing. We sometimes say (jokingly) that till 25 a person is still growing, but after he is getting older.