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Yesterday a good friend of mine invited me to the presentation of a project called “The history of soul: real life”. The project aimed to reflect person’s soul through poems, music, films and others. We had different speakers on each topic: poem speaker, music speaker and film speaker. Firstly, we listened to the music called “Simply”. A famous Russian singer A. Pugacheva sang it during the Soviet time and the song became very popular. However, we listened to more modern variant of the song. The song encourages you to live, not to exist. If I listened to it in other conditions, I can say that I wouldn’t have paid any attention to it. Then, we read a poem of a famous Russian writer S. Esenin. Finally, we watched a film called “Click” starred by A. Sandler. A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices. Actually, the film made me think about our life. Fortunately, we do not have such device in real life. Otherwise, I cannot even imagine how our life will look like. I can only guess: we will end like the main character of the film did until he was given another chance.

The problem of time is becoming more and more essential in modern life. Sometimes, we don’t notice the days passing with a non-stop speed. I don’t know whether other people will agree with me or not, but the time is now imperceptible, though it is very important. I remember when I studied at school (I lived in the village that time), I had enough time to do reading, drawing ( I used to draw a lot, I even used to be an “editor” of school posters), to play volleyball at school and outside with my friends. In addition, I still had time to go swimming to the river with my family every day. There are many other things I managed to do in a day. However, now all these things seem to be difficult to do for me. Perhaps, the flow of life in the city cannot be compared with that in the village. (I ‘moved’ from village to the city about 5 years ago.) On the contrary, the life seems to be easier in the city: central heating, cold/hot running water, etc. The rush is strongly felt in the city. In the vanity of accomplishing different things at a time, people do not pay attention to the small staff. We think a lot about career opportunity, promotion or eking out a living for some people. All these things constitute an important part of part of our lives, but the most important remains to be your family, your friends. Even if you lose everything, they will remain.

There are many examples when a person is to choose between home and office, family and work. Some people make the right choice and become happy, other people make the right choice and become unhappy. It requires time for some people to understand it. It is what the character of “Click” did. He understand the importance of the family, laying in the hospital in a death breath (until he was given a chance to live better).

I know a person, who was forced to make that decision. Family or job? Despite a successful job opportunity in Kazakhstan, she left everything she began here to go back to America. It is the right choice that makes people happy.

Despite the things happening around us, we should try to accept them as a life. Dreaming about super career prosperity, don’t forget to call your mom in the afternoon or to have a walk along the street in the evening. Let your life be real in reality.