After Kazakhstan has celebrated Kazakh New Year – Nauryz, now it is time to continue what started before it. It seems to me that after Nauryz holiday, this year of my life can be divided to two parts: before Nauryz and after. I completed my PDP course, received my certificate and saw my teacher off to America. That was time full of something special and dear for me. Now I am back to the University after the holidays, but the things have changed. No more PDP classes, no more quest speakers and no more assignments on Moodle.

What I don’t like doing is doing nothing. If I am in nothing-to-do condition, I get bored. I hardly find place to stay. Fortunately, I am lucky to be enrolled to Critical Thinking course, organized by Cambridge and Orken administration. I like theories, which brings food for your dream. That is what I expect from critical thinking course. Telling the truth, I do know nothing about thinking from critical point of view. Of course, if not to consider, what I learned from my groupmate, who did research on critical thinking and my brother, who studied critical thinking course in Korea. According to my brother’s words, it is a very interesting subject, and it really makes your brain cells move actively. When I informed him that I enrolled into Critical Thinking course, he told me different riddles his teacher in Korea used to tell them. Some of them are easy to interpret, some of them – hard, but the answers are too simple. Simple . . . if you think correctly.

Critical thinking course will start a new stage in my educational life. Thinking about everything, happening with me, I even sometimes wonder how I managed to achieve it. I mean to do it for I know many achievements await me in future. Sometimes, I feel proud of myself. I have nothing to tell about my parents’, friends’ and relatives’ impressions.

What I know for sure is that with such luggage of knowledge, I won’t stay in one place. Actually, I hate being in one place every time. Boring, isn’t it?!

Sometimes, I get disappointed because of school practice duration, translations and uncertainty of staying in Astana, but after thinking about everything thoroughly I realize that I am surrounded with great possibilities. I mean, after thinking critically…

Thank to everyone, who has helped, helps and will help me to accomplish what I am doing now.