What did PDP gave me? A lot. When I asked this question to myself, I didn’t want to answer it in a pell-mell way. The reason I have much to say about the program is its contribution and influence to my professional skills. During these 20 weeks I enriched my knowledge twice both as a teacher and an individual.  Now the program is over, but the changes are still ahead. The following facts about our program prove the changes will come.

We accomplished and went through many things and events from the very beginning of the program. The course was a real journey to the modern and active world in both meanings. We dived with our heads to the modern methods and teaching devices and went to no less useful trips in Astana and even outside. We visited Eagilik, Astana art gallery,  ALZHIR camp, American Corner Astana, went to the U.S. Embassy Information center. The last one was a memorable one for it happened with me for the first time and left a chance to visit Embassy independently on my own.

Ebscohost, Oxford journals, Moodle, WordPress, Survey monkey, Web Survey master, Citation builder, Ted.com, voki, quia … It is not a simple enumeration of the strange-sounding words, it is a meaningful and considerable set of words that do mean something very important for me. In addition, I learned and still use different URLs that program gave to me. I have low musical intelligence, but it doesn’t prevent me from learning a song with Lyricstraining. Aha, intelligences, it is another thing I learned from my lessons. It is a really interesting theory and worth of trying it with my students. There are no people with the same hand lines, and there are no people with absolutely same intelligences.

However, the main impact to my knowledge was what I learned from the course from methodological point of view. I had a great opportunity to improve my academic writing. I learned to write an essay, to do citations, to build correct thesis statements, to make a clear outline, to differentiate between working bibliography and references. I was taught tips of an eye-catching essays and blog entries. Moreover, I managed to switch from prepared paper-writing to spontaneous quick-writing. That is one of the most important achievements that came from practicing wordpress several times. My English writing proficiency went effectively higher.

Further on, we watched films and short video clips. We did watching and speaking and listening and writing at a time. Now if you ask about such topics as human trafficking, freedom, addiction, perfection, etc. you may be sure all of us have something to tell about these issues for we had a thoughtful set of philosophical and psychological short clips. The importance of these clips was active thinking abilities. At first, there is nothing to make you think except “What is out of it?” Storming your brain for awhile, you find even more than you expected.

We found even more we expected from our quest speakers. Looking back now, I remember Marinka Franulovic, Glen and Mary Tosaya, Josh Lange, Chad Harris, Alan Ruby, Annemarie Bechert, Ann Lonsdale, Jon Larsen, Hanaa Singer, Joan Ordway, Harold Samuels, Martha and others. That was one of the memorable events from my PDP courses.

Nevertheless, all these events were because of the teacher we had. Everything is up to the teacher for she is a motivator, an inspirer for her students. Russian people have a saying “Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are”, but I want to say “Tell me who your teacher is and I’ll tell what kind of student you are”. Yesterday, on the graduation ceremony and Nu and Orken administration praised us a lot. We couldn’t have accomplished it without Kristina, could we? My deep and endless gratitude to a person, who made a difference in all of us and prepared change agents for Kazakhstani schools.

I wish the program to continue the next and next years. We accomplished the pioneer year without any papers and, unfortunately, without any computers of our own. I want the program to get developed and expand all over Kazakhstan, especially in the villages. I wish more student-centered teachers to educate our young generation. Finally, I wish my teacher to come back to Kazakhstan for she has even more to give us.