Nauryz is a traditional holiday of all Turkic countries. It is the beginning of a new year in our calendars. It symbolizes refreshment after long winter months. In different Turkic countries it is called differently, but sounds close. The nature awakes in these days and people start celebrating the holiday. There are many attributes of the holiday: people prepare national food called “Nauryz kozhe” ( “kozhe” means “soup” in Kazakh), wear traditional clothes, organize national games competitions, build “altybakan”( “swings” in English”), and sing national songs, dance and play.

It was my first Nauryz in Astana this year. I am not from that type of people, who prefer sit at home and watch everything on TV. Actually, my uncle IS. He prefers to spend time at home instead of going here and there: visiting the places with different national show programs. In comparison with my uncle, I am quite different. So, my aunt, my three-year old brother spent a nice day among Kazakh “KYIZ UIs” (old Kazakh house).

We visited Kazakh “village” near Bayterek, watched Kazakh wrestling, listened to Kazakh national songs and tried many national foods. However, I couldn’t try Nauryz kozhe this year. I was completely absorbed by the things happening around me that I totally forgot about it. How could I?! It seems even impossible when we celebrate Nauryz. It is a tradition in each family to prepare Nauryz kozhe and invite relatives and neighbours. As a matter of fact, my mom prepares Nauryz kozhe each year, and each yera we have quests at home to the holiday. The same does every family in our village. Sometimes, we even have several people to invite us for Nauryz kozhe. That’s why it seems ridiculus not to try the main food of the holiday. When my mom herad about it, she was surprised and said that she will prepare it for me especially when I go home on holidays.

Despite missed Nauryz kozhe, the day was full of joy and fun, especially for my little brother, who has seen everything for the first time.

Here he is in front of one of the beautiful kyiz uis.

Behind is Kazakh “batyr” (warrior), who used to fight with the enemies of the land and, at the same time, guard houses of khans. Their appearanceĀ  feared invaders of the Kazakh land, and my brother also.

Here you can see people in national Kazakh costumes.

In the middle we are as the representatives of modern Kazakhstan.

Here we are enjoying the the holiday in Astana.

In other words, everyone celebrated Nauryz all over Kazakhstan. Even President put off all his business and visited one of the events to congratulate people with spring holiday of equinox.