My program is over. And now the feeling of happiness and disappointment overwhelms me. However, I want to express my deep gratitude to my PDP teacher, who went all this way together with us.

Our program lasted only 20 weeks and these 20 weeks were the happiest days of my life. Yes, PDP contributed many changes in my knowledge as well as in my personality. It taught me many things to succeed in my career. After the courses teaching become easier for me, because I have much to organize my lessons with fun and profit. I feel more comfortable and easier in the classroom, wherever I go. I have confidence in my teaching way and firm approach to deal and work with the students.

I learned the way to keep my students active in the lesson, I learned to involve more activities in my lesson, also I learned to get my students involved in what I am doing. The grades, where I teach are full of active students. And each time, after the lesson I hear, at least, one of them saying “Thank you for the lesson”. It makes me glad, even if something went wrong with my activities.

However, one of the most important thing that PDP gave me is a chance to have more Friends. Actually, I have many friends, but I mean here foreign friends. It is a good way to learn more about the world you live in. MY PDP teacher is my best friend, who was a perfect example of keeping in touch with so many people at a time.

Today with smile on my face and sadness in my heart, we had a graduation ceremony. When our teacher made a speech and mentioned each one of us and characterized independently, I thought how much we had to tell her about. She called us change agents, but the real change in all of us was made by her. I hope all of us will follow the way she taught us. It will be a good time to meet and remember all the things we were introduced for the first time. To that time, I guess we will turn from young and inexperienced teachers to modern and mature professionals. As my teacher said, if one of us will strip away from what she/he learned from our ever-happy and active teacher, it would mean she failed with some of us. Of course, it would be sad even for us for how much strength was put to our professional skills.

I have even more to tell you about my program, my knowledge, experiences and impressions from the program. However, I will show you what happened today in my next post. So, I end my writing here with a happy-sad mood on my face.