Recently, due to International Woman’s Day American Corner Astana announced a photo contest called “Tribute to mother”. Everyone was allowed to take part in the contest. Simply, your photo was required to become a participant pf the contest. So, following the online instructions, I sent my photo to American Corner. The next day it was already on contest page. I actively advertised my photo among my friends. It was the lesson I learned from the first photo contest I took part (Announced by Exchanges Connect). That time I won the third place, however I should admit that the contest was rather competitive. It comprised participants from all over the world.

First of all, I decided to submit my photo to the “Tribute to Mother” photo contest, because I wanted to back the idea taking part in it myself. Later a desire to win the contest overwhelmed me and I went for actions. And now, I am glad to share my little victory with you. You might be interested what kind of a photo I submitted to the contest. So, here it is.

History of the photo. As you know, during the Asian Winter Games, different kinds of exhibitions were organized in Astana. So, I, my aunt and three-year-old brother visited an exhibition in Independence Hall, opposite to Pyramid. The exhibition was all about Kazakh and Kazakh culture. In addition, there was a movie room that showed Kazakh philosophical films. We watched there a film about a lamb that would die if one didn’t find milk for him till the night. I guess, its (lamb) mother died. So, the whole village will rush to find milk as quick as possible. According to the movie, it was a hard time for Kazakh people – time, when we suffered from starvation and lack of food for cattle as well. In the end, a woman will take the lamb with her. To the question why, I could only guess. Milk for lamb. Also, the same hall had a picture on the wall that showed an episode from that film. The thing, what the woman did, impressed me so much and made me think about the nature of mother. Later, when I was about to name my picture for the contest somehow, I was advised to call it “The true nature of mother appears from nature”. Thank you to my students from the University with her idea.

Later on, when my friends on facebook were about to vote for the picture, one my friend told wrote me about the author of the picture on my photo.

However, I want you to look at the following photos of the contest. All of them are wonderful. Everything that deals with mother should be respected and evaluated.

As you said, all of these photos are beautiful and full of meaning. Everything good  related to her child makes a mother happy. It doesn’t matter whether it is a child’s birth, growing or wedding. Kazakh people say, “You will understand your parents’ value, when you become a parent yourself”. For some of us, it is not always necessary to understand it.

I have no doubt,all these photos have their own unique history. At the same time, they have one thing in common – “The true nature of mother appears from care”.