As you have already noticed, my reader, it is nearly a tradition to have a quest speaker in our PDP classes. Today I will tell you about Annemarie’s visit.

I was glad to have Annemarie as a quest speaker in our PDP classes. It is obvious that all of us wanted to have her in our classroom and listen to her talk. She was one of many guests, who gave good comments and feedback. She was an active participant of our presentation and for a presenter, having a guest involved in the talk, means more than a simple question-answer interaction.

I got many new things from Annemarie’s talk. I liked her words about Kazakh society, culture, civilization and globalization happening all over the world. I was surprised that Goethe Institute, where Annemarie works, is one of the collaborators of Orken programs. They help them with recommendations in a definite kind of program. All these facts again lead to the necessity of an international exchange. When I heard that Goethe Institute works with Orken, I remembered a presentation seminars that Orken administration had few weeks ago.

As international exchange is my passion, mostly, I liked her ideas about cultures, especially, when she compared the same situations in different countries: Kazakhstan, Germany, America, and Canada. Again all that she said is a result of getting het world outlook widened, having lived and visited so many countries. Only if you live in a foreign country, you will understand the differences of each nation. Most of all, I liked her “getting to a place is more important than being there in time.” The meaning of the words is relative, for example, when I lived in Aktobe I used to get to my student’s home in 15-30 minutes, but in Astana it takes me an hour or even more. However, I don’t want my outlook to be limited by Kazakhstan only, in future I hope I will say “it is not the same in New York as it is in Astana, but it is absolutely different in London and Ankara…”

Another thing I liked about Annemarie’s speech is teaching culture. She said ‘things that probably much important as teaching is cultural behavior’. It is a good issue that must be taken into consideration. What you teach should be connected with what they need in life. If the students do not need what you teach, you should teach them what they need. If the students need British English, teach them British culture; if their surrounding is mostly American-English-speaking people, we should take it into consideration.

Kazakh society is another good issue to discuss. We have Kazakhstan society, mixed and different from each other. As for the Kazakh society, I did really get it hard to answer, because I have been only in few cities in Kazakhstan. Aktobe, where I got my Bachelor Degree, is more Russian; Aktau, where I spend my summer 2009 holidays, is Kazakh; Astana is a combination of both societies, I cannot if it is more Kazakh or Russian. You know the problems that occur in our life is closely connected with the matter of an international exchange. A person with widened world outlook will deal with a definite problem in an easy way compared with a person with narrow one.

Due to the changes in my surrounding, and after Annemarie’s talk my desire to leave Kazakhstan is getting more and more. I am beginning to feel like in a box: 4 walls, ceiling and floor. Let me draw your attention to this fact: when I lived in the village, I dreamt of going to Aktobe (a city in West Kazakhstan). Then I went there, and never wished to live in my village again (I only wanted to be a guest there). Then I dreamt of going to Astana ( a capital city), now I am here, and do not want to go to Aktobe. (I only want to be a guest there). However, even now I feel myself like in a box and I dream of going to overseas countries. This is what happens to me. And our guests talk motivated me to do it as soon as possible.

There are many other things that I remembered about Annemarie’s talk, but these ones are really close to me and my soul. You remember when Annemarie told about continuous flights she has, she asked us if we would prefer to do the same, everybody initially said no, but not me. I even wish to have flights again and again, because I know that these flights will take me to THE WORLD!