I hope, all of you have watched “Karate kid”, a film about victory that comes by tenacity. When I thought that the film might be not so good to watch, I was wrong. I thought as the film first appeared on the large screens, it might be about meaningless story in a “meaningful” way. However, I regret now I didn’t watch it for a long time. Actually, the reason to watch this film for myself came from my teacher, exactly, from what she did. She showed the film to the students, firstly, I was surprised for my teacher is not one from those many people, who likes actions and effects more than context. Secondly, my teacher, mostly, chooses films to show, which teach us to something important and valuable. So, the unity of these reasons made me watch the film.

And now, having watched it, I regret. I regret that I had not so good attitude to it before. Right now, I feel like a Chinese boy, who fought with Dray in the last fight. At first, he had a disgusting attitude to Dre and his teacher Mr. Han, but later he recognized his fault, and even more he put right resigning himself to Mr. Han. Actually, his friends did the same.

Talking about the film, there is so many things to be told about. Most of all, I liked Dre (Jaden Smith), the main character of the film. By virtue of tenacity and efforts he managed to kill the fear that bothered him since the first day ha moved to China. He fell in love with a little Chinese girl, which made him enemy with a Chinese bully. The significance about him is openness and honesty. Whatever problems he has, he tries to deal with them, but not to hide from them. Look! What this little, but brave boy teaches us to do with fear. He was scared, he was afraid of that Chinese boy, who beat him in the very first day in China. Yes, he lost a lot in the beginning. “Sometimes taking one step back means preparing for a big jump.” That’s what had happened to Dre. Going through hardships and failures, he came to a victory. There was Cheng (a Chinese boy – his enemy from the first days), who caused a problem for him to live free in Beijing, and he decided to cope with it.

What I like most about Dre is that he doesn’t try to hide his problems from the people. He is not afraid to be ashamed in front of the other people. He is myself smart. Everything he does, he does for his own sake. He didn’t want to win kung fu tournament and show off, he wanted to prove Cheng and himself his real power, his individualism. Due to his tries, he succeeded it. Moreover, he received Kung fu Cup from Cheng, which made the latest to confess his victory over him.

At the same time, Dre taught his teacher a good lesson. He put a motivation in his life, he lit a desire to live and teach, what he knows well. The life challenged them, and both of them did well in this fight.

As Mr. Han said, kung fu lives in everything we have. It is a peace of mind and heart. That is the moral of the movie. Anger will harm you from inside if you don’t attack it from outside. I advice you to watch the film and make your own conclusion. For me, it is a victory that comes through peace of mind and heart.

That is the same we can do with our students at school. We can teach them to recognize their fears, attack them and turn them to the strengths.