I was excited to speak in front of the quests. In addition, the majority of the listeners were expats, living in Astana. Knowing this fact, I felt a bit nervous for I didn’t want them to go away unsatisfied.  The first day of spring for me lasted in the following way:

In the morning I had less confidence about my presentation and speech as well. The main reason was unpreparedness to speak along with slides on the screen. To that moment I had only a rough draft of my presentation. Having looked through my speech material, I found my ppt very hard to follow: the outline was not clear, the data was not sufficient enough to support my each idea and I didn’t like my own work. However, adding some changes and showing it to my teacher, I felt perfectly confident, which lasted till the presentation. Right before my speech, I felt nervous, but it vanished after I began speaking. Telling about the feeling after presentation, I cannot not to mention Aliya’s words of excitement. She said that it was very good. Her eyes showed me what she really meant and, of course, I was cheered up. I didn’t expect such evaluation.

However, I was looking forward for the assessment from the expats and NIS teachers (except my groupmates). I had comments from 12 people. Having read all the comments, I have found out very good results. I converted the comments to the chart so that one can judge easily. ( Couldn’t put the data to post).

Looking at the table, it becomes clear that conclusion was my strongest point. However, I need to improve my voice and interest gained. Concerning the first one, I can say that I have such voice from nature and even though I know I should keep my voice exciting, I can hardly do it. I guess, my intelligence that is responsible for acting, changing voice and tone is quite passive. It can be explained by a simple fact: at school if we had acting, I was always a narrator. What I liked the most is that my overall evaluation is, equally, better and best (the last, but one in the chart).

Nevertheless, I have many things to add and change in my final research paper. It seems that after the presentation I had most of the points of my topic cleared and I hope it will help me to end my research article well. As for my presentation, I like it very much and won’t do any changes at all.

Now, when the responsibility for the presentation passed well and, hopefully, I didn’t disappoint my teacher’s expectations I feel a stone off my shoulder. I want to wish good luck and pluck for tomorrow’s presenters.