As I have said before if you are a devoted teacher information resources will come to you themselves. It is what that happens in our PDP classes. As we have experienced guests, they try want to help us with our lessons. They always share what they do with us and are always open to help with computer devices. And it is very helpful I should admit.

Moreover Our guests are willing to help us in solving teaching problems. For instance, yesterday we had Chad as a guest speaker. Chad gave us so much information about teaching, languages and the way dealing with the problems. Yesterday he supplied us with more useful URLs and videos. I have watched and observed all his links and found them useful. Especially, the videos in can be very useful for primary school teachers. Those videos introduce us with and help to use their videos in English lessons. I watched the videos on introducing yourself and others and spelling the names, on Present Prefect Tense. Teachers can either show them to the students or make them listen to them. Of course, Chad, as a modern teacher, helped us to solve our potential problem. The school, where I teach right now, has UserGate on the computers and that’s why we cannot show online videos. To deal with it, Chad showed us a way to download videos. Though I know several ways of downloading videos from the internet, I have never worked with  It is not only a means of video downloading, it also converts them into different formats.  The same I can say about MPEG StreamClip, another way of video downloading. Like it has an option to convert into MP4 or FLV. You should only choose what your computer opens.

Also in MPEG Stream Clip you can watch “how to make youtube videos load faster”. I think that Real English videos can also be used to learn English independently. I want to thank my teacher and our guest speakers for contribution to the development of the educational system in Kazakhstan.