When I studied at the institute and didn’t talk so much to foreigners, because there were a few of them. However, I am glad I have Teaching Listening and Speaking lessons at the university I study right now. And usually we have quest speakers invited by our teacher. It helps you to adapt to English that our quests speak. Constancy of such activities influentially improve your language comprehension.

Today we had an American quest, Chad,  who speaks Kazakh very well.  It is clear that Chad is a good teacher. He is modern, positive and open to students’ opinions. It was a pleasure for me to talk to him, he has charisma. When we introduced ourselves, Chad tried to remember our names by heart. After each introduction he pronounced our names, so he could remember us. While getting introduced he had a little chat with us, and during the conversation he called us by our names. That was his way to find a common language with people. Nothing sounds better for a person than his name. Imagine how you get happy when someone knows your name. Your answer will be: “Oh, you remembered me”.
Chad is sociable and you needn’t to try to say something to make him speak. On the contrary, he shared his life experiences with us and tried to get all of us free and comfortable. He didn’t ask to stop him in case we do not understand him. It shows he was sure he will find a way to our flow of ideas. The fact that he has a family of teachers surprised me, it is ok to have a family of engineers, businessmen, lawyers or something like those. I remember how my teacher used to tell me not to choose a profession of a teacher. She was tired of teaching, and it is clear she won’t let her child to be a teacher. Chad’s family is a devoted teacher family and the fact that he moved from his business to teaching can be explained as “a call of blood”.
Earlier I met Chad’s littles and didn’t even think that they might be studying in Kazakh schools. I think the teachers must be happy to have students like Chad’s children. I don’t know whether you experienced it or not, but it is a great pleasure to speak to little Americans. I do really like it. They are so sweet.
However, the most important thing I liked about Chad is the knowledge of Kazakh. His Kazakh is very good, I am saying not as a Kazakh,who is happy to see American speaking my native language, but as a person, who do really appreciate his knowledge. I watched the way he spoke Kazakh, and I admit that his Kazakh is perfect.
In an hour conversation, we felt so easy and relaxed that we didn’t notice the time passed. However, it is the usual thing that happen to us when we have a quest speaker invited.)))
Thanks to Chad for coming. I found out many interesting things from Chad’s talk.  The same day one of my colleagues introduced me with http://www.esl-lab.com. I found there the topic of my interest – study abroad. Randall ESL Cyber is a lab that links you with different useful websites on teaching. You can find what you need for the lesson. Teaching is very important part of the society, and internet is a good way to share your teaching ideas and find more new ones. I wonder how people handle their lessons without internet. They should do everything themselves. They have no internet to help them, no other things to motivate students. In a globalizing world what except a computer can motivate students to learn?! There are many URLs on teaching that we may not know about and I want to ask all teachers to share what we have with each other. I think everyone has noticed that there are a few ( even no) Kazakhstani websites on teaching. Isn’t it another factor to develop through sharing and learning from western teaching that keeps up helping us?!