Last week was the most difficult for me for I had full-time work to do at school. The school, where I teach right now, can be really called “the school of XXI century”. I regret I didn’t study there when I was a schoolgirl. Though the school didn’t exist when I was of school age. The thing I like about the school is that it does really motivate teachers to teach, because it is a pleasure to work there. All the school needs from you is your creativity and novelty in lesson organization. So last week was a real examination of my abilities to be called a modern teacher. OR a teacher of XXI century.

As I had mentioned above, last week I had so many English classes that I didn’t even notice how that week passed. I taught 8, 9 and 10th grades. I taught them alone for my teacher went to London with a special course offered to students. That is what I like about the school, you can self develop and share your teaching methods with international teachers and learn something new from them as well. So, my last week at school was like this:

on Monday I felt very scared and afraid to stay with students eye to eye. People say worst is the first, fortunately, my lessons were alright:

on Tuesday the presence of fear didn’t leave me.

on Wednesday the feeling of fear began to vanish, but still I could feel it.

on Thursday my fear was replaced by little sense of confidence.

on Friday my confidence didn’t get higher for I had 6 lessons of English one after one.

on Saturday my confidence was at the peak, but the week was over.))

Looking back now, I realize that teaching is not so bad if you know what you are expected to do. Nowadays, teacher-centered teaching doesn’t give good results as student-centered one. I have understood that a teacher has only one function at school and it is an instructor. A teacher shouldn’t speak more than students do. A teacher shouldn’t act more than students do. A teacher should only give students directions in doing this or that kind of an action. It is useful for both groups of teaching procedure. Simply imagine, what a pleasure it is just to sit and watch students doing everything themselves. I want to say here than giving instructions and examining students’ works shouldn’t be confused with indifferent teacher’s way to handle a lesson in the classroom.

One of the most important things to remember is being honest with your students. Never try to command in the classroom, better listen to their ideas about a definite action. Unmotivated students will cause you more problems than you can imagine. Motivated students will solve all your problems easily. A teacher should motivate students to love her lesson and let the rest of the job done by them. It is easy, but it is not so easy to bring motivation to their hearts. Only after constant efforts you can get a lot out of it. Making the necessary efforts, some teachers can get their screw loose, some can get their blood boiling, others can succeed in it from the first try. Everything is up to a person and his level of wish to succeed. Finally, I want to say to all people, regardless of their profession and passion,  “try and fail, but never fail to try.”