You know I am leading research on the theme of international exchange. Yesterday I presented my first speech called “Are you still here?” The reason I talk and write about international exchange is passion to go abroad, passion to motivate others to do the same.

Recently, I saw a cartoon in Toastmasters journal. It shows a woman of a higher rank giving advice to her employee. She says

“Always start your presentation with a joke, but be careful not to offend anyone! Don’t mention religion, politics, race, money, disease, technology, men, women, children, plants, animals, food.”

So what is he to joke about then? Furniture? Is it the only thing that won’t offend people of different cultures?! The moral of the cartoon is diversity – diversity in international exchange. “Going abroad to study is hard, so is coming back after completing one’s studies”. We used to see only advantages in study abroad experiences, but here I want to draw your attention to the disadvantages students in China have once they go abroad to study. The Chinese students, who have studied abroad, find it difficult to use their knowledge in their home country, because of low incomes in working places, shortage resource funds and excessive everyday pressure. And what is the most interesting thing is that while Kazakhstan is lacking students, who have studied abroad, in China it is even difficult to serve for their Motherland. Isn’t it diversity of policy? Their strategy, in no way, supports students from abroad.

Fortunately, we are happy to have another situation in Kazakhstan. In general, Kazakhstani students go abroad to study because of future perspectives they gain as they come back. In comparison with China, Kazakhstan is open to all students, who wish to study abroad. As soon as they return home, students are given a good job, offered a place to live, and have no restrictions in working places.

Even though all students in our country have opportunity to study abroad, most of them do not make use of the chance. Though the government supports studying abroad through different programs. Only Bolashak scholarship sends thousands of students to oversea countries each year. In addition, there are other programs offered to Kazakhstan by foreign countries. “Why are you still here then?” (Students, who really wish to study abroad.)

If someone tell you that he wants to study abroad, you understand him at once (how?) and ask no questions (why?), because deep in heart you also hope to study abroad. Still there is one thing wrong. We are lazy, we like saying “later”. Sometimes later becomes never. Knowing about this problem, I want to present you my conception that I like calling “Lazy student’s wish to study abroad”. Recently, I was sent a message – introduction to MyUface.

What is myUface?

MyUface helps you get into the best U.S. university, college or certificate program for you. At you’ll be able to create an online academic profile and share it with U.S. universities. You can also get advice on applying to U.S. universities, studying in the U.S., preparing for standardized tests, and much more – all from the myUface staff, who have decades of experience getting international students into U.S. universities. Best of all, myUface is absolutely free to use.

International exchange means everyday new things to learn, new ways to look at the world around you. I want to tell you about interesting case as an example of international exchange. Once Japanese Prime-Minister was about to have an official meeting with Bill Clinton. Japanese Prime-Minister just wanted to greet his colleague in English, and let the rest of the work to be done by his translator. He was explained to see “How are you?” and “Me too”. So it is the day of meeting. Here is Bill Clinton. Japanese Prime-Minister asks “WHO are you?” instead “HOW are you?”. Confused Clinton answers “Well, I am .. Hilary’s husband.” What do you think Asian Prime-Minister’s the next answer is? … “Me too.”

So, dear friends, have a chuckle and remember you won’t understand another country better until you live by their rules, until you have a proper foreign experience. Have an international exchange. Study abroad. Go for it right now!