This week I am totally in teaching. I have from two up to five lessons a day. And it seems to be interesting day by day. On the first day of teaching I was afraid, I don’t know what I was afraid of, but I could feel a presence of fear. The next day the half of my fear vanished and I felt myself more comfortable in the classroom compared with the first day. On the third day I began gaining confidence in organization of my lessons. As my supervisor told me I tried to do everything to make students like my lesson. Perhaps, it was good that my teacher went to London and gave me leeway in lesson organization. I am happy there is nobody to control me. Otherwise, as I was taught in the institute I will try to be liked by a teacher first, and then by students. I think the most important thing for a teacher should be her students’ assessment. If they like your lesson, what can be more rewarding? The more I teach students, the more I realize that students are more important for me than any other teachers. If students like your lesson, they will thank you. If teachers like your lesson, they will criticize you. Each time students say “Thank you for the lesson” I feel cheerful and happy.

I remember last week I taught one teacher’s class – the eleventh grade. Again I was afraid, because the eleventh grade students are only 3 years junior me. I thought they won’t treat me seriously, in addition, they knew that I was to teach only one day. Instead I found students to be friendly. I was glad, and when the lesson was over, students asked me whether I would teach them always. I said no. They were disappointed, but I was glad. So in the end one of the boys said “You are always welcome in our class”.

What I like about my students is their English. They speak English well, and it is interesting to handle different activities with them. Whatever task you give them, they accomplish it with a lot of fantasy and fun. Below you can the members of an advertising agency trying to cooperate with a company, that makes shoes. Here students explain their advertisement of trainers to the company.

Later we watched online advertisement and discussed it with each other. Students told about their likes and dislikes to each other.

Today we had adjectives of emotions. First I did drag-and-drop exercise with them, and then we did guess-it activity. By the way, you can go to to find more drag-and-drop exercises.

Here students are guessing what their classmate tries to say.

I think teaching always requires self-education. Students I teach right now are very strong, so I need to have extra activities ready for them in case they have free time. I want my students to be honest with me, because if they won’t understand me, it means that I fail the lesson. Now I am looking forward to find many interesting activities to do in English, so if you have any examples, I will be very glad to try them with my hard-to-crack students.