Kazakhstan is the first country from the Old Soviet Union, that won a chance to hold Asian Winter Games 2011. The games come to its final end and different things with the game’s logo are appearing more and more. It seems that the wheel of the Asian winter games will travel even far away, because all the guests try to take something with them that will remind them about winter games in Astana and Almaty. As a matter of fact, Asian logo symbolizes a wheel – a symbol of eternal movement, and the combination of dark blue and red colors means the unity of cold and flame: strong emotions after the events on ice and snow.

February 6 is the last day of the winter games. Millions of people all over the world watched Opening Ceremony with tears on their eyes, and with surprise in their minds. After the show we witnessed in Astana Arena, everybody are looking forward for the strongest splash of boom – the Closing Ceremony. The place of the Closing Ceremony of the Seventh Asian Winter Games is Almaty. We will see what Asian Winter Games has done for our country.

Except sports games people could visit different art exhibitions, concerts, performances, which were organized due to the games. One of such exhibitions was organized in Independence Palace in Astana. Yesterday I visited the place, and, to tell the truth, found out many interesting things about my own country. I can only guess what our guests found out about the country they were absolutely unfamiliar with. Nice art exhibition presented the life of our country from old times up to the present days.

Below is a modern jewelry in old Kazakh ornamentation.

This is arkhar, a mountain ram that presents itself Kazakh ornamentation.

When the games are over now, I feel a bit of sadness. I wish it last for another week. Kazakhstan won the first place! Boom!  Now the country is spoken about among a great deal of people. I think China is enough to make you realize it. This fact makes all of us feel prouder about our republic.