While British people say cricket is a game, many Continentals think the life is a game. A game is a necessity of perfection, if you win the level, you are not a winner yet, there is Level #2, #3, #4… And the life? Isn’t it the same? What is interesting is that your life is also has different kinds of levels. But the question hard to answer is what level you are in and what level you are failing, failing and losing. What is strange is that your chances to fail in real life is much more than the chances to lose in a game. In any case, you can replay the game. Are you strong enough to relive your life?! Why people, sometimes, get tired of trying?! Why people prefer to win only in a game?! Imagine, you are playing a car game, for instance, you win one level, then the next one, then the third, but the fourth is not so easy to pass it and go to the fifth. So what is your action? Certainly, you play the level again – if you fail1, you play again…, you fail 23, play again. And in dizziness of replays you do not notice the time passed. And now, would you imagine the same situation in a real life? You are living your life successfully, happily, but one day you face something that requires more than you usually used to do. Surely, you try more1, more2, more3! And that is all, certainly, you won’t try for the twenty-third time. In a game you did!!!

Make your life to be your own game, where the winner is always present. You. Once I listened to the presentation about Muskie Fellowship Program, and I applied my documents for the scholarship. It is difficult to explain, but I believe in passion. I used to think if a person has a passion for something, he will make even the highest mountain come to his feet. At school, I nearly won all the competitions and olympiads, in the institute – the same. I thought the reason was passion to win, because as I found out later I had never thought “What if I lose…”. Later, I was rejected in the scholarship of Muskie Fellowship Program. Though I didn’t think “what if I…lose…” It was my first experience when life wanted me to try again. Perhaps, I won’t have been writing this post, if it wasn’t for. In the end I concluded ” My plan A failed, still I have the rest of the alphabet’. [Original by Loesje] (  For others it can be “My plan #1 failed, still I have the endless amount of numbers”)

That’s why nowadays, I am leading research about study abroad. It is what never makes me tired of. International exchange. Actually, all of my fellow students are doing research on different topics. A few days ago we listened to informative talks about their issues. There were good things to remember, and mistakes to learn from. So for those of you, who want to present a good speech before your audience, never do these things.

5 methods to get your audience tired of your talk:

  1. Absence of contact with the audience. E.g., eyes on the walls and windows;
  2. Dry humor. E.g., if you decided to add some humor to your talk, use its full potential.
  3. Monotony of voice, words, body, of everything. E.g., manipulate with your tone of voice, use flashy words, gesticulate.
  4. Absence of smile. E.g., You can have a slight smile on your face, even if you are speaking about something serious.
  5. Absence of confidence. E.g., Be confident, nobody but you knows the subject matter of the research.

So the next week I am to present my persuasive talk about my issue. Research topic is study abroad. I hope, advising you to keep away from unsuccessful speech reasons, I won’t get into it in my public speaking.