In an era of globalization it is impossible to deal with educational problems independently in a frame of one country only. Internationalization is one of its components. In many instances, in Kazakhstan, studying abroad is not a question of dreaming or not, it is  matter of having international experience in developing the system that needs novelty from the west. Study abroad is a familiar topic to the students of all countries. And the reasons for it, in most cases, are the same. If someone says that he wants to study abroad, you understand him and do not ask why, because deep in the heart I also dream of going abroad to study. It is the mutual desire of all people, who are in favor of studying abroad.

Studying abroad is the best way to understand the people of different countries, to acquire their way of thinking and joking. Yes, we gain some understanding of other cultures through newspapers, books, magazines, TV and internet. However, they only give you the limited knowledge of what you want to know. Once a person goes abroad, he finds out even more that no books, no magazines, and no TV, internet resources cannot convey the slightest idea of foreign experience. To understand it one should go there once than hear about it thousand times.

First hand foreign experience is the best way to improve the relations between the countries. The main reason of different conflicts happening in the world is in misunderstanding. It happens because of the lack of communication and international exchange. Many people go abroad for various reasons: to study, to do research, to rest, to earn money, to see the life of another culture and to learn a foreign language. International exchange is good in accomplishing all these tasks. For instance, learning a foreign language requires a foreign environment.

Q: What do usually teachers do in teaching a foreign language?

A: They create an artificial environment of a foreign language. The reason they do so is the necessity of linguistic environment to learn a language. “Without good linguistic capability, especially in foreign languages, internationalization of the individual is like strategy discussed on paper.” There are many factors that define international exchange to be effective in teaching and learning. Many scholars admit that going abroad is indeed a good training for a person to widen his world outlook. If a person with narrow outlook thinks about the coffee someone prepared for him, a person with rich world outlook will think about the peasants who collected each coffee all day, all night. On the other hand, going abroad is good examination of the feelings: for the country, for the dearest person. As proved, the feeling of love strengthens once a man goes abroad. The love for their country and for their family has never been so strong.

A man, who experienced such feeling says, “My girlfriend has entered a new environment and new level, and if I keep treading the same ground and fail to advance with her, the two of us are quite likely to lose our common language as the distance between us increases.”

Recently, this fact was proved when one of my friends told me about her students in America, who watched the Opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Astana through internet and said ” We feel a real pride, being here, in the U.S., for our country –  Kazakhstan”. I was glad to hear it, because when I was in the opening ceremony I really cried. Cried because of happiness!

As a matter of fact, these games are the result of international exchange policy. I hope after this great event many people found out more about our republic and they no more ask themselves “Kazakhstan!? Where is it?” trying to find an answer about that little country. Little country with strong ambitions and rich heart.

Even though, today, many students of Kazakhstan dream of going to the U.S., Canada, Britain to study, I hope that in future representatives of these and other foreign countries will desire to study in the Republic of Kazakhstan.