Astana is the next Dubai.

Astana is a young city, but in the rapidness of the development it gains more and more popularity among the other cities of the world. It is difficult to say how Astana will look in a span of 5, 10 years. Millions of dollars are invested to the development of the capital city. Actually, the city grows in front of our eyes. Going abroad for one year is enough to find some new edifices in the city, going abroad for 5 years means to see totally new and different from the previous one Astana city.

Astana is the city that helped us to get away from the Soviet Union. It is a city that gave another look to our independent country – The republic of Kazakhstan. All our associations with the Soviet Union are left behind in the pages of history. Right now Kazakhstan is the country that writes his own history. In a duration of ten years we tried to build our economy, in the next ten years time we tried to keep it stable and safe, now we are trying to develop our economy, to collaborate for future investments and moving-ons.

If OSCE summit got Kazakhstan introduced to many people of different countries, The Seventh Asian Winter Games strengthened its role in a world economy and internationalization. Many countries examine our accomplishments with surprise, we say proudly “Жарайсын, Қазақстан! Тек қана, алға!”

As an example, look here, it is supposed to be one of the main projects of National Library in Astana.