Poverty, Sadness, rears on faces, fear, a hard job, an endless queue for food and water… and African countries. That is what we have seen in a short video clip with lullaby background music presented by UNICEF. Studying PDP we have many quest speakers to visit our classes. As usual, UNICEF representative in Kazakhstan Hanaa Singer came to our university yesterday. We waited for her for a long time and were glad to listen to her. Hanaa has a long background of working with human rights. She worked in many countries such as Tanzania, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Burundi, etc. And now she is in Kazakhstan. She gave a presentation on children rights all over the world and in our country. It was the first time I understood the way UNICEF work and collaborates with the countries. It works to improve the lives of neglected and that’s why the more countries are involved the better.
I learned a lot of new things, for instance, MDG – the Millennium Development Goals. When we asked yesterday what it was, I didn’t understand what they were for, what those goals really meant for UNICEF. Later when I googled it in the internet I got it. MDGs are the goals to solve the problems we saw in a short video clip, the goals that are agreed to achieve by 2015.
The best thing that I liked about Hanaa’s presentation was reliability of the information. I know, UNICEF is a strong organization and it keeps all data related to their investigation. It was great to hear those statistics, though terrible, from a person like Hanaa. Even though we read a lot about human rights violation in the internet, mostly, we cannot be sure about statistics. What is worse – we begin arguing if we find different information on the same problem.
Hanaa’s speech is really one of the examples of giving good presentation, and now looking back I realize the difficulty of speaking to the public, the difficulty of standing in front of the audience. Concerning my own presentation in future, I will try to do much helpful as possible to me so that I won’t get lost in my thoughts having a lot of eyes looking at me.
It was a pity that we had a little time to ask more questions. However, the problem that we discussed yesterday is a very global one and its discussion could last for many many hours.