I liked short clips we watched yesterday, especially “Freedom”. It is very meaningful, though no words are uttered except “Freedom”. The meaning of Freedom is very wide. Here in the clip, a man in the prison gets his lost freedom. Someone from outside points him to do something for his freedom. And he, following the sign given, finds a hole of light. Everything is bright and colorful there. It is freedom that colors everything around you to bright palettes. People, mostly, do not value what they have until they lose it. Captured in the prison, a man sees everything around in a grey color, even he himself is grey. Grey is a color of monotony, melancholy, in a word of a dead-level. But when he feels a sense of freedom, he tries to do his surrounding positive and shine. As we used to sing in childhood “May there always be sunshine”. Recognizing the value of liberty, a man helps the others. He wants no more to get into a grey box. This clip resembles our students. Unmotivated students are like this man in the prison, they are afraid of everything that is unknown to them. However, if a teacher can motivate them to enjoy their freedom, they go along with it at ease. If you have freedom, you have leeway, you can be creative as much as you can, and do more that you have already done, like a grey man, who, first, tried his fingers, then his hand, then he totally immersed himself into freedom. Later he will lead others to their freedom as well.

And even we, being a teacher, do not use our full potential. We have freedom. We should use it properly and with much profit. Learning others to appreciate freedom, we help them to do their utmost in every deal. As Martin Luther King said in one of his speeches “Let Freedom Ring”. On my part, I want to add “Let Freedom Ring everywhere and in every heart”.