It seems to me that only today I enrolled into PDP classes, and now I notice that the half-year of study is over. Today is the first day of our school practice. It means that it is time to put into practice everything we have been learning from our PDP teacher in a duration of four months. I was excited and, at the same time, worried, because I did really want to work at that very school. I still do. I have never thought that I would dream of working at school. It was a ridiculous idea for me not so long ago. Even when I graduated from the institute, I still wished to work as an interpreter or, at least, a teacher in the college. I didn’t want to work at school. It wasn’t mine I thought. We used to have school practice at the institute, but I never wished to work at one of those schools I was sent for my practice.

However, I ‘ve made up mind since that time. I do really want to work at school, precisely, at school I go for my practice right now. I am glad I study PDP. It is my key to the brightest future. Under the influence of my PDP classes I ultimately changed my mind about teaching. I have never thought that can be fun. The first day of my practice at school got that idea closer to me. I like my teacher, she is not very old. She is a rather experienced and positive woman. And she is modern, that quality I liked most of all. She has been in London for professional development, and is going to visit this beautiful city again in February. I love London as well as Astana. It is Aisulu’s (my teacher) favourite city. (I told you she is modern, that is why I call her Aisulu instead of our traditional Aisulu Tuyluybayevna.) And she is excited to go there again with the students. The most interesting thing is that she will leave for Britain when I am supposed to start my active teaching classes. Aisuslu says that it is good for me for I will try my hand in teaching with total freedom.

Today I observed two of Aisulu’s lessons, I liked both. The first lesson was devoted to reading, students were actively participating in discussions and question-answers. The significant thing about the lesson was accurate time management. The lesson was almost over, Aislulu gave a hometask, but still one minute was left. I predicted the teacher would explain the hometask to let the minute pass. Instead, she asked all students stand up and answer “What new have they learned from the lesson?’. Students were to sit down and then go out after they answered the question. All pupils tried to find their answers to the question. Later I told Aisulu about that exercise, in an answer she said “time management”.

As for the second lesson, it was very informative and useful even for me. That time I observed Jake (volunteer from Peace Corps) teaching. As it was Martin Luther King’ s birthday, he told about his speech, civil rights movement and let the students listen to the speech that changed the lives of millions of Afro-Americans in the U.S. To tell you the truth, I have never listened to Martin Luther King’s speeches. What I concluded for myself was that Luther King Jr. was a great speaker. It was a pleasure to have Jake to explain students the situation in America in 1960’s. As Jake told whenever and wherever Americans hear King’s speech, they stop doing their work and listen. Martin Luther King’s birthday is a holiday in America, nobody works this day. As a matter of fact, King’s birthday is January 15, but it is celebrated on the third Monday of January, because the government wanted all people to have a day off that day. Sometimes the day fell on Saturdays and Sundays, the usual days off in America, so they decided to make it Monday. I have learnt a lot from the lesson. In a word, I like my practice at school.

Concerning King’s speech, I want all my readers to watch it here It is worth of listening to it.

I think, I will enjoy all four months of practice at school as I did it today.