We watched Freedom writers today. Earlier I heard a lot about the film, but I didn’t try to watch it for myself. Say, I was little motivated to watch it. It was a pleasure to watch it in the classroom. I cried, though I hate people to see me with tears in my eyes. The film is touching. Since we are teachers, and since we are enrolled into PDP classes, the films, we watch, relate to school, teaching and student-teacher relationships. Freedom writers is about a motivation for change. A young and unexperienced teacher (Erin) comes to school to make a difference in the lives of the students. The students, who are exposed to danger and harm. The students, who are forced to fight each day for survival. Under the risk of being killed, they seem to graduate each day of their life. First, looking at these children, you think “Can they really change for better?” and ask yourself ” Could I make that change in their lives?” Erin is a teacher, I am also a teacher. The question is really difficult to answer at once. Especially, for us, who strongly follows the rules. My fellow-student got angry by watching those students attitude to the teacher. Each time they conducted themselves in a rude way, she exclaimed with reproach to their behaviour. She is sensitive and rather experienced in teaching and working with children. While watching the film, she, sometimes, saw the reflection of our Kazakhstani schools. She even resembled one character, an old teacher, with someone from school, where she works right now. I was sitting near her and noticed the notes she made for herself. She commented on the effectiveness of the methods Erin used. And she was open to try it in her classroom.

Erin made an effort to meet the challenge. And she succeeded. Though the success took much from her own life away. She lost her husband, love and support. She devoted herself to motivation for change.

However, it is clear that the film-makers wanted to present a teacher real in nature. Through the fictional character of Erin they tried to motivate teachers to meet every challenges they face. Personally, Erin had a lot of difficulties with those children, and she coped with all of them. That is a matter of fiction influence. It is rather doubtful in real life. Firstly, How can a young teacher with no teaching background deal such kind of serious problems? Secondly, How can a newcomer understand what is going on at school in a few days? And finally, How can she solve problems with no instructions and support, alone? According to the film, the answers are too easy to consider them veracious.

Do we have such teachers in our century?!

No! That’s why the film is not based on A SINGLE REAL STORY. It is a combination of various real stories in ONE FILM.

Yes! We have such teachers in our century. And the improvement and integration in education is a result of a huge work done by teachers.

Totally, I appreciate the film. I think it helped many teachers to conclude “My teaching problems are nothing compared with the difficulties Erin faced in her school experience.”