Last month I participated in Exchange Photo Contest offered by Exchange Connect. And today, searching in the internet after a winter holiday season, I found out the results were announced. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think about winning the contest, but today, opening the results I, somehow, hoped it might be “Astana” – a postcard from Kazakhstan. But it wasn’t. Two winners were from Pakistan and the USA.

This is “Flying bubbles” by Mary S. from the US. Mary is a medical photographer who works at the Medical Center in the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. She always has a camera in hand so that she can capture everything from a butterfly taking flight, to a patient’s progress, to a doctor performing miracles.

I should admit that their photos are really meaningful comparatively. Especially, I liked a postcard from Palestine –  “Frames” by Majdal N. PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES. I read about her from Exchange connect. ” Majdal is a 22-year-old journalism student who hopes to continue her studies in cinematography. Her love of photography and travel started when she was a 15-year-old exchange student in the U.S. She enjoys ExchangesConnect because it reminds her of her exchange program, where she met one of her best friends from Germany.” The comments that you write to your photo are very important, because, at once, nobody can understand the idea you are persuading.

I think, Majdal’s success lies here:

“Frame 1: the television set
Frame 2: the photo frame
Frame 3: the kid’s imitation
Frame 4: the wall that frames every Palestinian’s life”

Now the turn for you to decide if she deserves to be a winner or not. For me, it is art to show your country in a good light even if it is not famous for sparkling buildings reaching the sky.

The meaning of international exchange is wide and what you see right now is a part of a huge intersharing system. Here are the photos of Kazakhstan participated in Exchange Photo Contest. They are not excellent, but there are photos that, truly, a postcard from Kazakhstan.

This is my home – Astana. Despite -40-(-45) degrees in winter, nothing keeps me warmer than capital of my country. ( This is one of the top-rated photos: 5 stars out of five and it is mine))

This is a photo from Ust-Kamenogorsk. Kazakh cap, Kazakh dog, dog and real Kazakh winter.

Eagles are perfect assistants in one of the ancient ways of hunting in Kazakhstan.

This dance is very popular in Kazakhstan. Adults, children, young people can not imagine any Kazakh holiday without “Kara jorga”. The dance is the best way to show my country’s culture.

The old town – Turkestan.

 Seems like two seasons found harmony in this place near Belukha.

This photo symbolizes а home for me. Home – it is the parents looking at you with eyes full of love, care and expectation. Home – this is a hand of the people with corn out of doing heavy works on land with a hope for better future for their children. Home this is a Kazakh endless steppe – silent and patient witness of charity and cruelty of human being and the history. Home – is a horses that used to be faithful and indispensable friends of nomad people and symbolizing freedom, diligence and tenacity. ( The author comments)

So, you see that there are many things can be told about Kazakhstan. Sharing these photos with you I want to stress that each participant wanted to share his meaning of home with other participants of the International Exchange. Especially for you, Voice from Kazakhstan!