Today is December, 28. For most people it can be usual ordinary day, but for me it is a special one. I remember, two months ago I posted my first blog on WordPress. It was October, 28. That day I posted only “Hello, world. October 28, 2010 is the day I first created my own blog! It is amazing, exciting. You are interested in my blog, you are always welcome.” Looking back, I realize how it is exciting and interesting to have a blog you are passionate of writing for. In the very beginning I wrote very short posts, just 3-10 sentences. That time I thought a lot whether to put a definite event on the blog or not. But gradually, it went somehow, because something from inside advised to post it or not. It is only the matter of inexperience in blogging. One more thing I paid attention that time was visitor statistics. In October and even in November it varied so much. Having two-month experience behind, I decided to collect stats on how the statistics changed. And I am glad it looks like a ladder going up. I had only 57 views in October, in November it increased to 196, this month it is even much higher.  It means that in average I have 8-10 visitors per day.The most active month was December. I hope it will continue growing as I continue blogging.

I guess it is my last post this year. On New Year’s Eve I wish friendship of all nations in the world get stronger and trust to each other more powerful. Happy New 2011 Year!