My blog is called Futureabroadkz. Have you ever thought about its name? Rather unusual, isn’t it? Especially for a blog, that mainly publishes posts on totally different topics. As a matter of fact, when I was creating a blog, I wanted to make it interesting for the people, who will visit it. Of course, it is impossible to do it if you yourself are not passionate of what you are writing. I am a student, an ambitious student. Having got my B.A., I applied for Professional Development Program. And now I am a PDP student. Also I applied for Graduate Muskie program with hope to get my M.A. in America. However, I was not successful enough to win the scholarship and I was rejected. My mother cheered me up. I know my parents wish me to work and then travel where I want, but I am really passionate of getting my Master’s Degree abroad. I know there are many students and pupils, who are passionate of studying abroad. And they are right. That’s why I decided to lead research on the theme of exchange programs when my PDP teacher asked to choose a research topic. Right now I am improving my blogging skills.

I want you to try the following survey and share your responses with me. Your contribution will have a great impact on my research theme and I hope in future it will appear on the blog as well. Then you will say “Aha, that’s why it is futureabroadkz’s blog”.