The first semester is over now and all students hurry to go home for three weeks holiday. Yesterday they had their last exam and New Year and farewell party as well. We celebrated the up-coming 2011 year yesterday at the University. The party was the first students-only-prepared organization. The girls were in their best dresses, and the boys looked pretty nice. The first New Year of their student life and of Nazarbayev University began with a wonderful concert, where the performers were only NU students and guests invited there. Students go on surprising me. This is the generation of talented and independent children. Students sang “Once upon on a December”, “New Year” and many other songs. The University dance group surprised with their new dance. “Alter ego” boys and girls getting more and more popular within the borders of our University.

At the same time, there was a Swedish table organized for students. In a word, there was everything for spending your time well. After a nice concert students thought “Show must go on”. And it went on. DJ Pride did his best to make the New Year dance party kindle. A great deal of Santa Clauses (students wearing Santa caps) danced in the atrium.

So,  getting so tired to the end of the party, we run to our bus with a desire to get home quickly.