This year I am going to celebrate Christmas several times. Yesterday I was invited to Christmas party. That was my second Xmas party. Earlier I had one with my PDP teacher and fellow students. Even though I knew only a person, who invited me there, I didn’t feel alone, because everybody was glad and friendly. When I came there, Sveta (she invited me) was not at home. Nevertheless, there were other guests and Sveta’s friends, who were glad I accepted the invitation. A few minutes later Sveta came , and I felt myself totally relaxed. There was a nice  buffet table or fourchette as we used to call it. What surprised me is that it was the second time I was offered fresh cider drink. On my first Christmas, Kristina also prepared cider drink as well. One of the boys, Duman, joked when all of us were actively eating food standing around the table. He asked: “Do you know the difference between Swedish  and Kazakh fourchette table?” I guessed what he meant. By the way, do you know the difference? As Duman continued: “In Swedish fourchette table –  people take the food and stand away from the table and eat it; in Kazakh fourchette table – people take food and stand around the table and eat it.” All people rushed back after that.))

The atmosphere was friendly and everybody joked with each other as if they were old friends. Further we played a game “White elephant” or as I call it “Gift exchange”. Earlier I told you about this game OR you can follow this link to know about it. There were so many presents. So, according to the rule we started to choose presents. There was one extra-large present-box and Kalzhan took it. Duman is a cool bot, he said: ” Now we know who is a greedy person among us!” )) Of course, he didn’t mean to insult anybody. That large box was full of papers and there was “Raffaello” among them. Clever! But the present most of us wanted to take was a packet of 18 Sneakers (chocolates). It passed two hands until Umit save it for herself. She is lucky.)) So, the “contest” for gifts ended.

Furthermore, we played a game – “Crocodile”. If you watch MuzTV, you know this game. It is my favourite TV game, and I was happy to play it. The description of the game: people are divided into two teams. And one member from each team comes in front and tries to explain to his group the word on the paper. The rule is he can do it only with different kind of gestures. Mostly, they are to explain celebrities, names of soap operas, films, TV shows or characters/personages of cartoons and literature works. This game is funny. For example, a person doesn’t know an actor, but he should somehow explain it to his team. Funny, isn’t it?! Who guesses first is a winner. We played long, nobody seemed to be tired or bored. The game ended in a draw in the end. “Friendship won” we usually say in such cases.

I thanked Sveta for invitation for I spent my time splendidly. It was my second time I met Sveta, the first time we got acquainted on Volunteer Commencement Day. The second time we celebrated Christmas Party together. I thank Duman for he helped everybody feel at home and he gave me headphones as a Christmas present. The party was success.  I found more new friends. It means so much for me. Merry Christmas to  everybody! 

By the way, it was not Sveta’s home as I found out later, it was “Work and Travel” program office. It looked like home, there were a great deal of pictures: Chicago, Hollywood, Statue of Liberty, etc. I got acquainted with Kevin, an American, who works there. First I thought he is Russian, he really looks like. )