Our PDP classes is over and we have holidays nearly for three weeks. The beginning of our holiday was not bad. We had the first Christmas party with our PDP teacher. Actually, she is leaving for America and won’t be with us on Christmas. So the party we had yesterday was a great fun. Nearly all our PDP students were there with their presents for each other.

To tell you the truth, I knew my teacher as a very good teacher, in addition she is an excellent cook and housewife. I was in our PDP teacher’s house for the first time: it is warm atmosphere and comfort. A small Christmas tree in the corner added the feeling of holiday. The candles were lit and the table was laid up. There were different pizzas, fruit, drinks, cakes and my favourite apricots. I tasted cider drink prepared by our teacher, it was super!

The most interesting part for all of us, I guess, was exchanging our presents. It was nice to play gift exchange under “Twas night before Christmas” poem. During 5-10 minutes our presents went right and left and left and right before it reached its final receiver. The present, I prepared for Christmas, consisted of a small snowman and Christmas tree that I made with my own hands. In a gift exchange it went to Sunny ( one of my fellow students) and I got a nice Santa Claus candle. I liked it very much – an appropriate thing for Christmas night. Further we played another game: I call it gift-exchange-stealing. A gift passes two people until a person can finally save this gift for himself. If you like another person’s present, you can steal it from him. At the same time, there is the third person, who can steal it from you and have it for himself. First, I got a collection of marble stars and a moon, but one of me collegues stole that present from me and got another present: a lovely photo frame and a bar of chocolate. All the presents were nice, especially a box full of small Pakistan flags.(laughing) Jake, volunteer at NIS, won that present. There was a lot of fun about the present.

Further we talked, laughed and joked. I absolutely forgot about the fatigue of that day and got home relaxed. I thank my teacher for a lovely night and wish everybody Merry Christmas!