Today was a commencement day for volunteers of the Seventh Asian Winter Games in Astana. The event took place in SC “Daulet”. The day, exactly the evening promised to be exciting for everybody was happy to be among the best volunteer representatives of our country. Nearly 1500 volunteers were present and wearing blue and white T-shirts, volunteers let everybody know that the beginning of the games is close. There are less that two months left untill the start of Asian winter Games in Astana and Almaty. As I have mentioned, volunteer commencement day was really enjoyable, because Organization Committee made their best to give strength and encourage volunteers on the eve of the great event for Kazakhstan.

Vice-President of Organization committee Aibek Aibergenovich thanked all the participant-contributers of Asian Games and congratulated us them (us) with commencement. Along with the congratulations the best ten volunteers of OSCE were awarded with special presents. After the official peart the ceremony was continued by a concert of national singers. Such famous singers as Erbolat Kudaibergenov, Marzhan Arapbayeva and pop-group “RinGo” performed their best songs especially for that day and congratulated volunteers with the commencement day.

Moreover, all volunteers and quests of the event enjoyed the performance of a group of gymnastics sport masters. The day was success and we anticipate the start of the games in Astana.