Searching for the topic that relates to my research theme I encountered with Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on “Schools kill creativity” by Robinson made a great impression on me and I simply decided to listen to his talk “Bring on the learning revolution” whether it is pertinent to my research or not. What I like about Ken Robinson is the way of presenting a subject to the public. His manner of speech is discerning and always interesting. Mr. Robinson knows how to sustain the listener’s interest till the end of the speech.

Actually, “Bring on the learning revolution” does relate to my research of international exchange for foreign education is also an essential part of that revolution Ken talks about. In his talk Ken touches upon the problem of human resources, precisely the crisis of human resources. All people have inner talents, some of them succeed in revealing their talent to life, others, however, keep them deep inside mostly with no idea about them. Accordingly, people either enjoy what they do or endure. I remember my school teacher, who ‘begged’ me not to be a teacher at all. Actually, I didn’t feel I wanted to be a teacher, but I had a passion for English. And now 7 years later I feel no regret for being a teacher, because I am a teacher of English. On the contrary, I am grateful to the English language: I got my Bachelor Degree, I study at the most prestigious University of my country and I have a possibility to study abroad for my Master’s Degree.

However, Robinson’s speech made me think about my inner talents. I might be an architect, a sportswoman or somebody else, who knows?! It is true that “you cannot predict the outcome of human development; all you can do, like a farmer, is create the conditions under which they will begin to flourish.”  Ken encourages to customize to the circumstances, and personalize education to the people we’re actually teaching. To do it we need to pay our attention to the quality of education. It is the problem we try to solve today.  With all due deference to Kazakhstan, I admit that the quality of our education still leaves much to be desired. The opening of Nazarbayev University is a courageous step to make a revolution in our education. However, it is not enough, that’s why we should co-operate with our foreign partners. And here the importance of foreign education crops up. Deferring to foreign experience we can build our educational system. I am glad that Kazakhstan offers its students opportunities for foreign education. I am glad we have Bolashak, Muskie, Fulbright and other programs that conduce to get developed countries’ experience. I am glad we have many foreign professionals contributing to the development of our republic.

As a matter of fact, today we have close co-operation with American speakers: Marinka Franulovic, Harold Samuels, Ann from Cambridge University. The next semester we will have other quests as well. To my mind, such kind of co-operations are important for self-improvement. It makes a great sense to our lessons and I hope that the same will feel our students in future. Through native speakers we can raise their passion for the English language.

In conclusion, I want to say that if a person has a passion he will achieve everything he wishes. It is not a matter of what your parents say or your teachers advise, but what you are passionate for. Nobody knows you better as you yourself do. Bring on the learning revolution! Begin it from yourself! From your students!