After 12 days of continuous working days the weekend was success. As usual I spent the day-off in a company of my relatives. In Saturday we often are in front of the TV set. But Sunday is a day of fun and pleasure. Last Sunday we visited Winter Charity Bazaar and bought a lot of interesting things. Especially, toys for my little cousin. There were a great deal of them as well as national souvenirs, books, candies, clothes, what not. The Charity bazaar gathered such countries as Kazakhstan, the U.S, the U.K., Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Germany, France, Finland, Turkey, Pakistan, even India and many other countries. The countries had a great deal of things to offer. We bought a nice T-shirt with “the best child in the world” inscription on the Ukraine language for my cousin. In addition, tastes from different countries cuisine, children puzzles, American bag, souvenirs, Chinese key-rings, and toys. The atmosphere of up-coming Christmas and New Year holidays was felt through decorations and Santa Claus from Finland. It was funny, and being so tired we went home. Akhmet (my cousin) even fell asleep in the car on the way home.))

The New Year mood was still continued in the evening at home. We were busy by building New Year town for Akhmet: fairy tale palace, snow man, ice town, New Year trees and children figures. All the figures were made of salty dough and watercolour. Tired we went to bed at four at night. Only in the morning we were able to see what we were building for five hours. “We are sculptures” exclaimed my aunt, being glad to see The Land of Fairy Tale.

It is a pity that the real life is far from it. It is sometimes too dangerous. The same day in the morning we witnessed a fire occurred in one of the samsa cabins near our region. We entered the shop and everything was still in the street, 5-7 minutes later we went out hurrying to the Charity bazaar and saw that fire( on the photo).

The Summit is over, but it is still spoken about in Mass Media of the country. The weekend news had many things to share with people about the summit passed. National TV broadcast channels prepared special programs for the last event of the last month of the year. People returned to their every day routine and are proud to organize the summit with safety. Denizens of Astana accepted the stopgap measures with patience and understanding. Nearly 55 representatives of different countries met again to accept Astana Declaration, the document accepted 11 years after since the last OSCE summit. So, the summit was held successfully and it is turn for Asiada to follow the same route.

President N.Nazarbayev are going to visit our university tomorrow. With the hearts open we are ready to meet our President.