Summit is over and we are on our classes again. Yesterday we had our PDP classes and had a great deal of fun. We watched Ken Robinson’s speech on and burst into laughing when he told about the way schools treat student’s creativity, he cooks egg in the kitchen, about man and woman relation. All the facts he presented made us laugh a lot. Sometimes we behave in such a way, but when someone talks about it, it is really funny. We, women, often criticize men for what they say. Here Ken remembers a T-shirt he saw with the inscription: ” If a man speaks his mind in a forest, and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?” It is only just the beginning. For instance, we can watch TV and fall asleep, but when a man turns on a football and we wake up at once and shout: ” I am watching!” Interesting woman nature! In a word, yesterday we had humor class rather than a PDP lesson.

Later we had a rehearsal for the upcoming photo session at the university. And tired so much went to the dorm. Still we had strength to watch a movie.For the first time we organized a movie night in the dorm yesterday. We planned the film organization a few days and found support from our Student Affairs Dean, who helped us with the projector. Another devices were supplied by a very convivial student, who first mentioned about the idea of movie night in the dorm. We watched a film “Remember me” starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin. The film is about parent-children relationships. The plot develops between two families that have the same problems. The film describes brother’s affinity for his little sister, who lacks her business father’s attention. Caroline is her name, has a great talent in drawing. And when she is chanced to show her pictures in the exhibition, she is happy. She hopes her father come and see her works. However, father is too busy with his affairs and does not appear on the exhibition. Angered with sister’s disappointment Tyler (Robert Pattinson) rushes to his father’s office! A bit later father asks Tyler to meet with him in his office, but is late for he takes Caroline to school. Tyler enters his office and sees pictures of three of them on computer screen: Caroline, Michael(brother, who committed suicide) and little Caroline. It seems the better days of father and son relationships is coming. However, one awful event changes everything. It was September, 11, 2001. The building Tyler’s father’s office situated was World Trade Center. The place, where Tyler was waiting for his father! “The life is more unpredictable than fiction.”

Even though we (exactly, I) had a large problem while showing the film in the dorm, I am glad we watched the film yesterday. I wonder sometimes why people seek problems out of nothing. Especially, that very person in the dorm, who is on a shift during a night to control the discipline of the dorm. As Sunny, our fellow student, said before: “Even though her name is “pleasure”, she herself is rather far from it.” She called other employers of the dorm while we kept on the ground of watching movie further. As electrician of the dorm said: “It is ok, no damage!”  ” The rightness of my action is dependent on the time and culture in which it occurs”(F. Nietzsche). Nevertheless, all students were glad to have something to relax after an assiduous day spent in the university. Some of the students suggested to make a tradition out of it. It depends upon how long we will fight with that very person of our dorm.))