“I need to buy earphones” I thought approaching the computer. I devoted the day to Ted.com videos. There are a few videos recommended by our PDP teacher and I am eager to watch all of them. Here are five different videos, where the first I have watched in the end of the list. As a patriot of Kazakhstan and an admirer of Astana and all the buildings it has I searched Norman Foster’s speech first for my interests with the architect converge. Norman Foster mentions a green agenda idea as a basis of many modern buildings appearing all over the world. He emphasizes the unity of nature and buildings. He champions the idea of pollution-free buildings and the idea of natural resources such as light, ventilation. The design of all the architectural buildings Sir Norman Foster created have common philosophy. The philosophy of tenacious connection between nature and architecture. Astana is a true example of it. All the buildings are built here on the same criteria. Even our Nazarbayev University, it is a modern building with natural atrium of tropical trees and many different plants. During a day the light comes only from the sun. You feel like you entered the nature coming from the nature.

Another video I watched is about  the problem of math teaching. Conrad Wolfram comes with logo to stop teaching calculating and start teaching Math. In his lecture he tries to find out the problems of teaching Math. He emphasizes the possibilities computer offers for Math teaching. He is quite cognizant in computer technology and considers that Math education belies their expectancies because of the insufficient use of its possibilities. Moreover, Conrad Wolfram demonstrates what can be done with mathematical assignments if a teacher introduces it to the classroom. The same I can say about teaching English. The concept of teaching any subject should not be limited and it is necessary to make students understand that English is not only a lesson, it is also a communication, sharing information, cultural experiences and other more things. I liked Mr. Wolfram’s speech, it is arresting and critical simultaneously.

Earlier I heard the word Twitter itself, but I have never tried to visit it and get more acquainted with it.  Evan William’s speech on twitter was a concomitant factor to follow Twitter(a new and totally unknown device for me). As I have understood from Evan’s words, you can let people know what you are doing through Twitter. He contends that Barak Obama and other American politicians are twitter users. Twitter is a new device that connects people despite the miles between them. It is a good way of sharing the real events happening in your life. It might be a child’s birth or a crucial event occurred in your town, for instance. After ten minutes of struggling with Twitter options I gained a slight insight of the way it works. It is easy. (Especially for those who have 6-7 accounts). I twitted my first tweet: “I am leading research on the topic of exchange programs for international students.” Also I found followers (on education, exchange programs, books) to follow and was glad to have two followers of my own. Anyhow, we will see what else has Twitter to offer.

By the way, look around. It is the first day of winter! The time to wish Very Very Christmas is coming….