December 2010

Today is December, 28. For most people it can be usual ordinary day, but for me it is a special one. I remember, two months ago I posted my first blog on WordPress. It was October, 28. That day I posted only “Hello, world. October 28, 2010 is the day I first created my own blog! It is amazing, exciting. You are interested in my blog, you are always welcome.” Looking back, I realize how it is exciting and interesting to have a blog you are passionate of writing for. In the very beginning I wrote very short posts, just 3-10 sentences. That time I thought a lot whether to put a definite event on the blog or not. But gradually, it went somehow, because something from inside advised to post it or not. It is only the matter of inexperience in blogging. One more thing I paid attention that time was visitor statistics. In October and even in November it varied so much. Having two-month experience behind, I decided to collect stats on how the statistics changed. And I am glad it looks like a ladder going up. I had only 57 views in October, in November it increased to 196, this month it is even much higher.  It means that in average I have 8-10 visitors per day.The most active month was December. I hope it will continue growing as I continue blogging.

I guess it is my last post this year. On New Year’s Eve I wish friendship of all nations in the world get stronger and trust to each other more powerful. Happy New 2011 Year!


My blog is called Futureabroadkz. Have you ever thought about its name? Rather unusual, isn’t it? Especially for a blog, that mainly publishes posts on totally different topics. As a matter of fact, when I was creating a blog, I wanted to make it interesting for the people, who will visit it. Of course, it is impossible to do it if you yourself are not passionate of what you are writing. I am a student, an ambitious student. Having got my B.A., I applied for Professional Development Program. And now I am a PDP student. Also I applied for Graduate Muskie program with hope to get my M.A. in America. However, I was not successful enough to win the scholarship and I was rejected. My mother cheered me up. I know my parents wish me to work and then travel where I want, but I am really passionate of getting my Master’s Degree abroad. I know there are many students and pupils, who are passionate of studying abroad. And they are right. That’s why I decided to lead research on the theme of exchange programs when my PDP teacher asked to choose a research topic. Right now I am improving my blogging skills.

I want you to try the following survey and share your responses with me. Your contribution will have a great impact on my research theme and I hope in future it will appear on the blog as well. Then you will say “Aha, that’s why it is futureabroadkz’s blog”.

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Today I thought I didn’t have anything interesting to write. With that idea I opened my WordPress to check what was going with my blog. Here on the main page I noticed Marya writes post on “What I learnt from blogging heroes”. It said blogging heroes and I thought what kind of heroes they were. When I opened the page I found out so many useful things for me: tips for successful blogging.

As a matter of fact, I am totally new in blogging. In the end of October my teacher introduced us with blogging. For a person, who never had own blog in the internet, it was exciting. At the same time, I felt responsibility before the audience for I knew that someone from outside would read my posts. So I wanted to have readers as many as possible. And decided to put everything I liked on the blog. However, sometimes it was difficult to write something on my blog. I found the topic inappropriate or even boring. You will understand me: I wanted to please a reader and myself. It was only just the beginning of that great process of blogging. Each time I have comments on my posts I am happy. It is a proof that there is someone, who has read it and has left his opinion of what I posted, whether he liked it or not. Critics is the way for improvement and self-development. I remember, once my friend ( bloggger as well) said that my blog page was too dark. (You can go to Newchallengekz to know more about my friend’s blog.) She is one of my constant readers. And she said that it was difficult to read my posts on a dark background. It became more assiduous when I had long posts.  She knows better, because she is my reader. I never read my posts on blog, I write them. So, the next day I changed my blog theme to a bright one ( my blog right now). The same day she was surprised I paid attention to her remark so quick. “It is much better now” she said. I do think so.

So, that is why it is important to accept critics. In Mary writes blog I found out the same. Marya wrote “Accept criticism with open attitude and see what you can learn from it.”

What is interesting: I thought if you had a blog, you should blog everyday. Sometimes I didn’t know what to blog about today, but now I know it is better to blog when you really have something to say, when the writing comes from you heart.

So, I want to share with you the tips for successful blogging that Marya writes presented.

  • You don’t have to write everyday.
  • Go to other blogs.
  • Find a niche.
  • Cultivate good writing.
  • Respect your readers.
  • Gain experience from your personal blog.
  • Blogging is a learning process.
  • Increase your leadership over time.

Also you can follow the link here and read the whole post for detailed instructions on each tip. You will find it useful. There are tips I already use, there are some I have never thought about. For instance, gain experience from your personal blogging. How I thought before, “Great” I think now.

Blogging is really great, especially I am happy to lead it in English. It is a good way to improve my writing skills and thinking in English. Thank you, WordPress!

The first semester is over now and all students hurry to go home for three weeks holiday. Yesterday they had their last exam and New Year and farewell party as well. We celebrated the up-coming 2011 year yesterday at the University. The party was the first students-only-prepared organization. The girls were in their best dresses, and the boys looked pretty nice. The first New Year of their student life and of Nazarbayev University began with a wonderful concert, where the performers were only NU students and guests invited there. Students go on surprising me. This is the generation of talented and independent children. Students sang “Once upon on a December”, “New Year” and many other songs. The University dance group surprised with their new dance. “Alter ego” boys and girls getting more and more popular within the borders of our University.

At the same time, there was a Swedish table organized for students. In a word, there was everything for spending your time well. After a nice concert students thought “Show must go on”. And it went on. DJ Pride did his best to make the New Year dance party kindle. A great deal of Santa Clauses (students wearing Santa caps) danced in the atrium.

So,  getting so tired to the end of the party, we run to our bus with a desire to get home quickly.

This year I am going to celebrate Christmas several times. Yesterday I was invited to Christmas party. That was my second Xmas party. Earlier I had one with my PDP teacher and fellow students. Even though I knew only a person, who invited me there, I didn’t feel alone, because everybody was glad and friendly. When I came there, Sveta (she invited me) was not at home. Nevertheless, there were other guests and Sveta’s friends, who were glad I accepted the invitation. A few minutes later Sveta came , and I felt myself totally relaxed. There was a nice  buffet table or fourchette as we used to call it. What surprised me is that it was the second time I was offered fresh cider drink. On my first Christmas, Kristina also prepared cider drink as well. One of the boys, Duman, joked when all of us were actively eating food standing around the table. He asked: “Do you know the difference between Swedish  and Kazakh fourchette table?” I guessed what he meant. By the way, do you know the difference? As Duman continued: “In Swedish fourchette table –  people take the food and stand away from the table and eat it; in Kazakh fourchette table – people take food and stand around the table and eat it.” All people rushed back after that.))

The atmosphere was friendly and everybody joked with each other as if they were old friends. Further we played a game “White elephant” or as I call it “Gift exchange”. Earlier I told you about this game OR you can follow this link to know about it. There were so many presents. So, according to the rule we started to choose presents. There was one extra-large present-box and Kalzhan took it. Duman is a cool bot, he said: ” Now we know who is a greedy person among us!” )) Of course, he didn’t mean to insult anybody. That large box was full of papers and there was “Raffaello” among them. Clever! But the present most of us wanted to take was a packet of 18 Sneakers (chocolates). It passed two hands until Umit save it for herself. She is lucky.)) So, the “contest” for gifts ended.

Furthermore, we played a game – “Crocodile”. If you watch MuzTV, you know this game. It is my favourite TV game, and I was happy to play it. The description of the game: people are divided into two teams. And one member from each team comes in front and tries to explain to his group the word on the paper. The rule is he can do it only with different kind of gestures. Mostly, they are to explain celebrities, names of soap operas, films, TV shows or characters/personages of cartoons and literature works. This game is funny. For example, a person doesn’t know an actor, but he should somehow explain it to his team. Funny, isn’t it?! Who guesses first is a winner. We played long, nobody seemed to be tired or bored. The game ended in a draw in the end. “Friendship won” we usually say in such cases.

I thanked Sveta for invitation for I spent my time splendidly. It was my second time I met Sveta, the first time we got acquainted on Volunteer Commencement Day. The second time we celebrated Christmas Party together. I thank Duman for he helped everybody feel at home and he gave me headphones as a Christmas present. The party was success.  I found more new friends. It means so much for me. Merry Christmas to  everybody! 

By the way, it was not Sveta’s home as I found out later, it was “Work and Travel” program office. It looked like home, there were a great deal of pictures: Chicago, Hollywood, Statue of Liberty, etc. I got acquainted with Kevin, an American, who works there. First I thought he is Russian, he really looks like. )

Our PDP classes is over and we have holidays nearly for three weeks. The beginning of our holiday was not bad. We had the first Christmas party with our PDP teacher. Actually, she is leaving for America and won’t be with us on Christmas. So the party we had yesterday was a great fun. Nearly all our PDP students were there with their presents for each other.

To tell you the truth, I knew my teacher as a very good teacher, in addition she is an excellent cook and housewife. I was in our PDP teacher’s house for the first time: it is warm atmosphere and comfort. A small Christmas tree in the corner added the feeling of holiday. The candles were lit and the table was laid up. There were different pizzas, fruit, drinks, cakes and my favourite apricots. I tasted cider drink prepared by our teacher, it was super!

The most interesting part for all of us, I guess, was exchanging our presents. It was nice to play gift exchange under “Twas night before Christmas” poem. During 5-10 minutes our presents went right and left and left and right before it reached its final receiver. The present, I prepared for Christmas, consisted of a small snowman and Christmas tree that I made with my own hands. In a gift exchange it went to Sunny ( one of my fellow students) and I got a nice Santa Claus candle. I liked it very much – an appropriate thing for Christmas night. Further we played another game: I call it gift-exchange-stealing. A gift passes two people until a person can finally save this gift for himself. If you like another person’s present, you can steal it from him. At the same time, there is the third person, who can steal it from you and have it for himself. First, I got a collection of marble stars and a moon, but one of me collegues stole that present from me and got another present: a lovely photo frame and a bar of chocolate. All the presents were nice, especially a box full of small Pakistan flags.(laughing) Jake, volunteer at NIS, won that present. There was a lot of fun about the present.

Further we talked, laughed and joked. I absolutely forgot about the fatigue of that day and got home relaxed. I thank my teacher for a lovely night and wish everybody Merry Christmas!

Today was a commencement day for volunteers of the Seventh Asian Winter Games in Astana. The event took place in SC “Daulet”. The day, exactly the evening promised to be exciting for everybody was happy to be among the best volunteer representatives of our country. Nearly 1500 volunteers were present and wearing blue and white T-shirts, volunteers let everybody know that the beginning of the games is close. There are less that two months left untill the start of Asian winter Games in Astana and Almaty. As I have mentioned, volunteer commencement day was really enjoyable, because Organization Committee made their best to give strength and encourage volunteers on the eve of the great event for Kazakhstan.

Vice-President of Organization committee Aibek Aibergenovich thanked all the participant-contributers of Asian Games and congratulated us them (us) with commencement. Along with the congratulations the best ten volunteers of OSCE were awarded with special presents. After the official peart the ceremony was continued by a concert of national singers. Such famous singers as Erbolat Kudaibergenov, Marzhan Arapbayeva and pop-group “RinGo” performed their best songs especially for that day and congratulated volunteers with the commencement day.

Moreover, all volunteers and quests of the event enjoyed the performance of a group of gymnastics sport masters. The day was success and we anticipate the start of the games in Astana.

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