Today is the last day to arrange all the necessary things for OSCE. A great attention is paid to the security of the people living in Astana and to the guests coming for the summit. It is a meeting of the highest level all over the world. It is an audacious and at the same time full of responsibility step. Today we do have no lessons and are at the university till the lunch time. Because all the roads will be closed. Some of my students are very glad. Venera, one of favourite students said: ” It is a good opportunity to sleep well.” Some of our students have so many assignments and course works that they even sometimes do not sleep at all. They say it is okay if you don’t go to bed one day, but the next day you feel awkward yourself . So I hope students will spend their free time with profit. I also plan to finish a book I started reading a decade ago, it is “The sun also rises” by Ernest Hemingway. And turning the several units of my GRE preparation is also included into my plan list for tomorrow.

NU students are passing their exams this week. Today is the final day of the exams and at 11:00 we like supervisors are to control the discipline during the exams. We did the same job yesterday. It was their first exam this academic year and some students worried about the results of them. Others were confident in their knowledge and just asked to cheer them up and good luck! I wish them GOOD LUCK today too!

It is expected that some of the foreign guests will visit our university and have a talk with students. Our study will go on despite the summit while other universities and colleges have a week holiday due to it!