Education is an indispensable part of modern people’s life. And life-long education does not surprise us  any more now for like other people we see its benefit for our self-development in future. I have the same point of view on education along with your life. A few days ago, talking with my parents on the phone, they counted years I was studying and would study and asked if I didn’t get bored with studying. Though it is strange for them I am glad they support me in my decisions and never make me doubt about my activities. On the contrary, they are surprised how I managed to go so far (NU) and speak about me to our relatives and friends with pride. I am proud that my parents are proud of me. (I wonder what they will do if I go abroad (with God’s wish) for my Master’s degree). Nevertheless, I am not to talk about it here, but about the survey I did in a span of three days.

I created a survey on the theme of international exchange. Working with statistics is exciting, because each respondent is a unique individual and has his/her own point of view. Two different people can look at one thing, but see quite different images; can listen to one and the same song, but notice quite different words. I proved it for myself analyzing the results of the survey. 20 respondents’ answers were the basis for my research to do some statistics on exchange programs. I am glad that most of the respondents (70%) admit the necessity of foreign education. It is of great benefit to gain truthful results. I noticed that all the programs I mentioned in the survey are familiar to students (however, I limited their answer to one so they could choose only one they are most familiar with or they heard first) except Au-Pair. I was a bit surprised that nobody knew this program, because Au-pair also works in Kazakhstan. Perhaps, it is because the program is closer to the German language. One of my fellow students at the institute went to Germany by Au-Pair nach Deuchland.  Right now she is in Frankfurt enjoying her foreign life. However, let’s go back to my survey. 85% of the respondents have never been abroad and approximately the same percentage (60%) considers improvement of career prospects as the main reason for going abroad to study. I fully agree, but would like to add the study of subject matter not offered in home university as one of the mains reasons to do it. 70% of the people say that people cannot afford a foreign education because of financial difficulties. At the same time, they (60%) admit that most universities use study abroad programs as marketing tools to attract new students.  It is clear that scholarships play an important role in getting foreign education. Moreover, I asked them to think whether scholarships are merit-based or need-based. Answers given bifurcate to two parts: 35% of need-baseds vs. 35% of equals (both-based).Rather interesting! I think that these are precisely such divergent factors that form food for thinking. The opinions of the respondents on the availability, contribution, offer of scholarships and perspective of exchange programs vary very much.

On a whole, I was pleased with the results I gained from the survey, especially I am glad that most of the respondents didn’t get lazy to add comments to the answers. The most valuable thoughts I gathered about the survey itself. I should admit that it had some disadvantages analyzing the answers of each respondent on the last question. One of the respondents wrote: “I would like some questions had multiple answers to be chosen, cause there are some questions I want to give more than one answer”. Another respondent who did Fulbright two times left a considerable comment that I liked though it was critical. S/He wrote: “ Good, not sure what you meant in the matrix with contributive or perspective.  Also, you needed to allow for more than one answer to your questions.  You can disqualify my answers if you like, I have a westerner’s perspective.” Certainly, I will not disqualify her answers, because I need critics to improve my skills. In future I will consider this point in creating my next surveys.  Further I wish search my theme deeper from scientific point of view. To do it I need consult many works and investigations done before. The thing I am engaged in right now. I hope everything will all right.