The second day of the training passed. And I am sitting there solicitous of putting all my feelings onto the page of my blog. As the previous training the second training met my expectations and enriched my inner world with interesting and valuable information.

Like the first day we began our training with a short banter on how we spent a day and what happened to us. I felt sulky from an early morning and didn’t know what exactly was wrong with me, but I was in a  bad mood.))(Perhaps, it was because of the weather.) I hoped somehow to cheer myself up and succeeded. There was a joyful countenance on my face after our training was over.

However, I don’t want to make you wait to know what exactly draw happiness on my face. The training, we have, is a kind of relaxing and informative therapy. I bifurcate it into two parts: discussion and games. Mostly, they are mixed or combined. The first game, we played that day, was the most interesting for me. “Numeral Three”. (It is a name I call this name.) It is a logical game, where all group members sit in a circle and put their hands on the neighbour’s knee from both sides. The main rule of the game is not to pronounce a numeral that is divided to three and ends with three as well. The first starts counting, the next goes on, but the third  claps  the neighbour’s knee two times for he cannot pronounce “three” according to the rule. So the game goes on until group members get confused in numerals and mathematical tasks. It tends to be more difficult when numerals get larger and larger. Though I have not been studying Maths since I graduated from school (4 years easily vanish your knowledge of Maths!), I became one of the winners. ‘Good job, you still know something in Mathematics’ I praised myself. And what you think my mood after the game was. Much better!

Furthermore, we got involved into another game (“Scarf”) with alacrity. Again a group arranged a circle and one of us had her (there are only girls in the group) eyes tied tight with a scarf. The task was to recognize a person by her voice without touching. The game taught us to break the walls if mistrust and establish an affinity between us! (Mind we are acquainted only two days.)

Then it was a turn for an informative part of the training. The doctor-venereologist of the center Oksana told us about infections passed through sexual ways, their symptoms, and about the means of protection and treatment. Although I know something about such kind of diseases, some of them with fatal consequences, my knowledge meant not so much because I got a deeper understanding of the theme only in the training. We were sometimes struck by the facts we heard during the discussion. Oksana gave us questions to conclude the knowledge acquired in the end. Nevertheless, the lesson was of great evaluative character for me.

Along with the a.m. games we were involved in various activities. In a word, I liked the day. I think the fact that we enjoyed the time spent there is due to the unity of our group and professionalism of the staff of the center. The first impression they had on us was excellent, perhaps, it buttressed our burgeoning desire to came there again and again.

A few days of the training are still ahead and I am looking forward to know what we will gain from our next meetings. However, I will share everything with you!